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  • There are two magazines releasing it, but one of them (PokeFan) isn't released every month like the other one. And I don't remember when the chapters usually come out, but the next chapter should be out within the next couple of weeks.
    The three year time difference was a little odd but the reason previous generations didn't have as much of a gap was due to how connected they all were. So since HGSS and DPPt aren't as connected as them the gap doesn't hurt as much. Though it's effect on the Mewtwo situation isn't good though. Six years is way too long, and three years isn't good either but you're right it is better than six at least. I wonder if maybe he found out they got petrified and that's why he hadn't followed her to Sinnoh as far as we know. I don't mind the Dexholders getting older though, since that would make a reappearance even more awesome. But it becoming less likely the older they get isn't nice though... And I can see how you would. While the reference to DP was nice it's too bad they didn't make the amount of time passed more clear. Yeah, the BW ending in the magazines was rushed and abrupt. But that's usually the case for the end of arcs in the magazines, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm sure the volume ending will be a lot better and more fleshed-out. And Kusaka does love his foreshadowing so it's possible he might add some like how he added some BW foreshadowing to the end of Platinum in the volumes. And the Cheren thing will probably be fixed in the volumes as well. Yeah, the last bit of BW will probably have some additional stuff in addition to things getting more fleshed-out as well.
    I can understand that. Black and White both having Tepigs was really odd, but it was kinda a nice change of pace for a while. Though I am glad she finally got a Servine. As for Bianca and Cheren, that was a bit odd but it didn't bother me too much since their Dexes ended up getting broke and their lack of focus, so I figured it didn't matter too much since they weren't going to be Dexholders anyway. I can also see how the mini-volumes made you angry, but nah, that was just a Viz thing. Yeah, we're all a bit ignorant as 14-year-olds, myself included. XD Plus both in Japan and American Adventures has such an odd release style, that when you don't know about everything it just really confuses you. But I'm glad you finally know how it works now though! ^_^ I'm glad you got into BW too! I really like it too and the development both got was nice. As for B2W2 chapter, I can understand that but luckily it seems what Kusaka is doing will work just as well. In fact I agree that I actually think it's the better way of doing it. I'm also enjoying the originality of everything too, and I think it has potential to be a good arc so I'm excited for future chapters of it. Yeah, the names are a little odd but I thought using corruptions of the game names was a kinda cool twist. It's odd using Rakutsu and Faitsu in English though, so it'll be good when Viz gets to releasing the arc so they can make a proper English counterpart. And yeah, the ages is a bit odd after Black and White's ages and especially considering their backgrounds as well. But I always thought Nate and Rosa looked younger than them so I can see why they did it, though they actually look older in Adventures to where they didn't have to. But eh, Pokemon characters ages has always been a really weird thing so I just consider it another example of that to be honest.
    Yeah, three years! Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. But it sure does! Ahh so that's why I hadn't seen you around! I can definitely understand being angry after that, and the changes in the volumes aren't a well-known thing so I can see why you would think that was the actual ending too. But I'm glad you got back into it and yeah, the actual ending is so much better. It's too bad it couldn't have been a bit longer though. And likewise. :) So what have you thought of the BW and B2W2 arcs so far? Just curious since we never got to talk about them before. :p
    Hey there! :D I do remember you! Gosh, it's been forever! Nice to see you here and hear from you again. ^^ And oh I'm sorry! I actually do check there time to time but I haven't bothered signing in in quite a while, which is why I didn't see your comment. But I sure am and it's nice to be talking to you again too! :)
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