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  • She's been undergoing radiation treatment for a few weeks now (she's almost done). She's quite a fighter, I must say. Nothing brings her down.

    Computer science sounds interesting, and it seems to be a popular choice nowadays. I've heard that if you aren't going after a medical major, computer science is the way to go, since society relies so much on it. As for Chinese, I'm always a big fan of foreign languages. Chinese is one of the more intriguing ones.

    I appreciate that! Just send me the info whenever. I'll need every bit of it (so I suppose snapping a picture of the 3-4 sections of info the Pokemon has would be easiest for you), if it's no trouble. I'll reconstruct it based off of what you send, and then I'll have fulfilled my goal at obtaining that blasted elusive Pokemon, haha.
    Oh shoot. I apologize for answering late - my computer has been on the fritz the last few weeks, and I finally had it wiped. It's good as new now. Just saw your message.

    I've been doing well. My grandmother's going through cancer treatment, but she's on her way out of it. Fortunately, the cancer wasn't the bad kind. I'm staying at her house for now.

    Well, how've things been for you? I'm sure holidays and the University has kept you on your toes, haha. What are you pursuing, as far as a major?

    I think I recall us trying to make a trade for a shiny Ageto Celebi a long time ago. You still got some around? It's very, very unfortunate that Generation V and below games can't trade any longer, or else we'd be able to work something out. However, I do have tools at my disposal to cope with the lack of a GTS. If I can get the info on the Pokemon, I can rebuild it in Pokegen. It'd be a legitimate and identical twin for all practical purposes, so it would be the same as trading it in my book.
    Hmm, I'd be willing to offer the articuno and either a shiny chimecho or 5IV contrary snivy for the cyndiquil and golett.
    shiny arceus and keldeo are both hacks. they cannot be shiny since they are shiny locked
    Pretty sure it is. It has a serious nature, hence why I've been trying to get rid of it. Also, all shiny keldeos are hacked so I'd suggest not asking for one (mods tend to be pretty ban-happy when it comes to asking for stuff like that). Depending on the nature/ability of the shiny golett/piplup, I'd be willing to toss in a couple competitive poke's and do a 2-2 or 3-3 deal.
    ><, drat. I happened to nab a shiny articuno off wonder trades, not sure if you wanted it.
    Notice how your counter proof source DOESN'T know what the Celebi OT is and they just say its 3 Japanese symbols, they are lying badly, I know this cause any real researcher like as Kevin24 says Kaphotics as well both know what the OT for that Celebi is and I do to so the pokemongts is a lie on that post so you can't trust a "researcher" if they can't provide the OT of what the researcher would know which if they researched they would know by heart by now
    kaphotics and them on projectpokemon know their research. you would believe those idiots on pokemongts than more competent researchers?
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