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    They're so deep in the closet they almost reached Narnia!
    Spriggs, right?
    Yeah, sometimes I think we'd be a better species if we were all deaf and blind. u_u

    Things are peachy, with a hint of watermelon. And you? ^_^
    Once a year we celebrate
    With stupid hats and plastic plates
    That you were able to make
    Another trip around the sun.

    And the whole clan gathers 'round
    And gifts and laughter do abound
    And we let out a joyful sound
    And sing that stupid song.

    You did not accomplish much
    But you didn't die this year,
    I guess that's good enough.

    So let's stick to your fading health
    And hope you don't remind yourself
    You chance of finding fame and wealth
    Decrease with every year.

    If cryogenics were all free,
    You could live like Walt Disney
    And live for all eternity
    Inside a block of ice.

    But, instead your time is set
    And this is the only life you get
    And though it hasn't ended yet
    Sometimes you wish it might.

    How much more can you take?
    But you're friends are hungry, so just cut the stupid cake.

    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy 17th Birthday dear ~Magic Thunderbolt~
    Happy Birthday to you.


    Attention all Sperm Smuggling Ninjas! I've made us a universal banner!

    Please use it!


    If you want.
    ...definately Narnia. That's where all socks disappear to, anyways.

    Miley? Oh my. I don't even know where she is. She's gotten LOST in Narnia.
    Oh my, I forgot about that. When your fanbase consists of fourteen-year-old girls and my mother, its pretty obvious that all of them would be so far in the closet that they're finding Christmas presents.
    True, but...its the Jonas Brothers. A boy band who's typical "five years of popularity" is almost up. Where the youngest brother will become a drug addict, the middle one will come out of the closet, and the eldest will end up in prison. Happens with most boy bands.
    Hey, we knew it would happen eventually. My dad and I had a good LOL about it, though.
    But who would think that people think that the Jonas Bros. are more influential then the president? A bunch of hormone-driven teenage girls, perhaps?
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