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Recent content by ~Magic Thunderbolt~

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    Should Pokemon Origins have more episodes?

    Even if they were 12-13 episode game distillations someone would find a way to complain about it.
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    Should Pokemon Origins have more episodes?

    Because it's better than watching Ash job every tournament? Than watching him go through an entire region with a bunch of unevolved starters?
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    Should Pokemon Origins have more episodes?

    Nah, they should have had it replace the regular animé. :p
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    Regarding Mega Evolutions in the anime

    Still think it's gonna be MegaZardY for Ash in the League. He IS the original powerhouse of Ash's team not named Pikachu after all.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Yeah, Goodra could be Muk 2.0.
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    Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

    My X Team was the following: Chesnaught (M) * Return * Shadow Claw * Wood Hammer * Hammer Arm Blastoise (F) @ Blastoisinite * Surf * Bite * Waterfall * Ice Beam Talonflame (M) * Flame Charge * Fly * Steel Wing * Acrobatics Snorlax (M) * Strength * Yawn * Brick Break * Crunch Tyrantrum (M) *...
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    XY Kalos League

    Pretty sure they forgot it existed.
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    Froakie better version of Palpitoad?

    No, Froakie is the Water-type Treecko.
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    XY Kalos League

    At worst meaning that he can be Top 2 (lol he'll never be champion as long as people love Pikachu). I'd like to hope that Unova was just the writers overcompensating for making his AG and DP teams better than the original series barring Charizard.
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    XY Kalos League

    Top 4 at worst. We'll see him lose to some guy who brings in a hax team again.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Ash can get a Skiddo for the cute factor. If it evolves into Gogoat why not. Bulbasaur should appear near the tail end of the saga IMO.
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    Do you believe in Ash Ketchum?

    I root for the kid but the writers have it in for him. Does winning a regional championship automatically end his story? All other shonen protagonists win many tournament arcs but Ash is cursed to finish no better than Top 4 for now.
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    XY's pace

    3 years should be fine. There's a pretty long gap between Viola and Grant though (even longer than the gap between the next four gyms combined). I think we'll see October 2014 around Shalour City and the fight against Korrina. Then from there it's a pretty quick progression unless they take...
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    Ash's new rival

    I'd be fine if he had no rival if it meant he'd job less until the tournament. Would like it if he had a female main rival, for a change.