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Magical Pokemon

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  • You're welcome :)

    Things are peachy and fine now^^ I've been having a good day; though i spent a lot of it in bed XD
    Theres kind of a person I wish was on right now...so i could ask them a few questions. It might help me get over this dead friend who has been haunting me for 10 years, so it's kinda important to me.

    Yeah i'll pm you the url to my friend's forum too ^_^ maybe we could pm chat there when you join :)
    Kawaii name! :D btw, i'm a HUGE sanrio fan, too!! lets be friends kk? :D who's your fav sanrio char? :) i seem to like charmmy kitty a lot right now^^
    It's okay, I don't check here often. I'm 19 now, lol, and out of school. In a work program, etc.
    Dear everyone
    do not send me any friend requests
    because something went wrong with my email
    if you has a friend requests i wernt get it
    i wont be online till 12/3/09
    (this is not a spam)
    ok here we go in 4th grade right u learn 2 divide right will i did not know all of my times tables and my teach diden relly teach so i moved they told me i was going 2 3rd when i was in 4th i refused nonononono i didi not want 2 go but i am glad i did they offered me to go to 6th when i was in 5th but i still saed nononono (not relly) so any way i love my life (even though i tell mt bfs oterwise they tell me i dont look like a 7th grader and there right i dont well am not so thats my story but wahts tanks is i wont have my big 15 party in 9th aka your grade sorry i wrote so lone and this is the short verston its relly my hole life story ya 13 years but the good thing is my b-day is at the end of the year so i relly have nothing to worry about an p.s dont erase this if i need to tell somone eles i dont want to rewright k well there u go mp ther u go :)
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