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  • Sure! Let me know whenever you want to play.

    But not now, i'm sort of swamped with some work and can't afford to get too distracted. But once i'm finished i'll be primarily free.

    Oh yeah, my own FC is: 4227-0729-3560
    I'm guessing "thanks for the tip, i didn't even know that" was a reply to my vm? If you want to chat through vm, you have to post the vm on my profile. I didn't even know you replied until I checked to see that I replied to you before.
    Hello there. Say, i'm wondering if you're good for a few rounds of Smash Bros (For 3DS) this evening? It's been a while since I played someone else outside of For Fun and I wish to get going again.
    Cool, I remember we chatted in the discussion thread before I believe. I do have 3ds, but mainly play the wii u. But that's not to say I'm against playing 3ds Smash, I just have less chars I play on it (I only play Sonic on wii u for muscle memory from Brawl), and feel like even though I love using stages in their regular form, that on 3ds it's best to do omega versions and omit some all together if lag becomes an issue.

    Anyway, vistor messages are best way to chat so just reply through that :)
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