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Last Activity:
Aug 22, 2009
Jul 21, 2009
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Kindred Spirit, from "Everywhere and Nowhere"

Magmus was last seen:
Aug 22, 2009
    1. Divinity_123
      My VM got grammar checked lol

      I actually wrote the synopsis two nights ago just for the sake of knowing what I'm going to eventually write (I easily forget things), so whoops :P

      Now, ASL ;)
    2. Divinity_123
      no problem;)

      not anytime soon, but there's one swirling in my head... :P
    3. Divinity_123
      Yeah, your fanfic trailer is awesome...

      Can't wait to read it ;)
    4. Bay
      Early Autumn? I gotta read that then. Heart of Darkness is very good, but my favorite literature story actually is Catcher in the Rye. Crazy stuff.

      And no, not planning on doing writing as a career. I'm actually majored in Business Administration and I'm hoping to make it in finance and either go to corporate finance or commercial banking. Not sure which career path I want to take because there's a million possibilities in the finance field. XD However, liked I said in Saber's thread, I might do a novel that deals with corporate scandals. Should be fun. XD
    5. Bay
      Hm, in terms of Pokemon, my favorite is Seadra and my favorite Pokemon type is water. As for my favorite character, Cynthia the champion. She kicks butt in the games. :)

      On other stuff, my favorite book is Tim O' Brien's The Things They Carried because he does the characters and the horrors of the Vietnam War so well. Also, my favorite genres to write are suspense and comedy.
    6. Bay
      I actually wish my school did that. x_x They give away free planners last year though. XD

      Yeah, I understand. :) I too don't want to release too much stuff on the 'net, so it's cool.
    7. Bay
      So true. I would always get excited whenever my college is giving away free food, school supplies, tickets to concerts, etc. I jump at the opportunity! XD

      Hm, I'm curious. What time zone you live in? I live in the Pacific time zone.
    8. Bay
      Hehe, thanks. Best I can do with GIMP (the photo editing program I used the banner with and the program is freeeeee~). XD

      Have to say, love your new avatar. Sneasel rocks. :)
    9. Bay
      Yeah, I'm a college kid. I'm actually in summer break now, but been busy with a lot of real life stuff and the contest at the moment. When school starts in September though, I'll be a lot more busy. :O

      And I did one banner for the HGSS Celebration Contest, but it sucks XD:
    10. Bay
      Yeah, you should check out some other boards as you might like them. I too might do that also when I have time.

      Well, I'm only good at digital media (banners, icons, and wallpapers) and I have only begun doing avatars and banners again after a year of not doing them. XD No, I don't have a shop or a thread of my digital media works, but I might do them after I get a decent few done. The other fanart stuff like drawings and sprites I suck. XD;
    11. Bay
      Yeah, I'm not that huge of a Pokemon fan either. Hadn't played the card games in a while but was able to find info on the Delta Species cards after looking through some images for a banner (for a friend of mine to make for me) a while back. XD

      And yeah, been in this forum on and off for three years. Used to be active in a lot of sections, but at the moment I'm active in the fanfic and fanart section.
    12. Bay
      Man, I wish I could give you some pointers, but the problem is it's hard for me to do criticism when it comes to trailers. ^^; Usually I can give pointers on things like character development, plot, and such if the story is posted or if someone gives me a summary of their story and let me know of their concern. Sorry. :O

      Also, yeah I think we do think alike. XD I thought of having Randy be a G-Men and undercover as a Rocket after watching the Lake of Rage episodes of the anime online not long ago. XD As for the premise of the story, basically it's going to be a mixture of the events from the Gold and Silver games and the Delta Species series from the Pokemon trading cards (those cards are of Pokemon able to changed a different elemental type and also using an elemental attack they aren't able to learn, like a Pidgeot using an electric attack).
    13. Bay
      Er..hi. Bay the crazy judge for the Heart and Soul contest. D:

      Just want to say I read your trailer and me likey. :D Also, I find it funny that I'm also planning to have a G-Men being undercover as a Rocket in my fic. The only difference is my character Randy isn't Giovanni's son (although he does know him well) and also in my story Giovanni doesn't go back being the leader of Team Rocket. XD Can't wait to read your fic when it comes out. :)
    14. Mimori Kiryu
      Mimori Kiryu
      Yeah, I don't really use my Facebook though. XD; But I'm just you're average girl who likes anime, manga and video games. What about you?
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