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    Also, should this be moved to the debate thread?
    Only if you want it to die.

    (Or only draw replies from me and belbackinblack, which might not be much of a difference. ;P)
    Ludwig, I realize that English is probably your second language but I would think that you would detect sarcasm in that sentence nonetheless. It's a mock of the older members here and their superiority complex over the newer members.
    His first language is binary.
    Although I know the meaning of the words you used, I don't understand that combination of them.
    How are you better than me?
    "Better" is very vague if you don't specify a criteria. If you mean generally, you've written an unconfirmable statement, which is similar to a lie unless it got a very good motivation.
    I have been on this forum five and a half months and therefore am better than users that have been here for a lesser amount of time.
    Uh, I'm hoping this is sarcasm?
    Can anyone help me out? I tried playing some TF2 yesterday and I have been getting disconnected from the servers every 4 or so minutes. It's only with TF2 because I can play CSS DC-free. I've tried connecting via ethernet cable and even taking down my firewall, but I'm still getting these frequent disconnects.
    What does it say when it disconnects you?
    The way I see it, be an ******* once, you never need to be an ******* again.
    If there is something unintelligent happening, correct it, and you make the world a better place. If you have a better way of doing that, kindly inform me of it.
    Yes they do. Everyone can make their mind up about what they deem another persons current state of mind to be. I happen to be of the opinion that the posts made in that thread were not too well thought out. I dislike it when people's opinions are not too well thought out and quite ignorant. It is not too much to ask a person to think before they post.
    I wasn't saying that the thread was unintelligent, merely that the posts within it were, on the whole, sort of ignorant and not too well thought out.
    What's your problem with me? Honestly. I was just trying to make the thread a more intelligent one and you start being an ******* towards me.
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