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  • If jumping into a thread and not reading what has been discussed and undiscussed is not fitting, then that's like me saying that what you told me is not fitting either, you jumped to the reply of me shutting up without even considering why i posted it again, not knowing i was new and didnt realise that posting twice was spamming.
    Exactly so if the rules dont say you have to be nice 24/7, neither do I.
    What i mean is, it doesnt offend me, im okay with it, but i do class it as offending and i wasnt just gonna leave it.
    Okay, sorry for not lurking around on the forum, i just signed up and got on with it, instead of what i would call wasting time to be honest.
    Well you should have made sure i knew about other users saying mewthree stuff because i had no idea, i didnt know, what you said was new to me.
    And yes fair enough you did notice my post, but replying rudely with shut up just isnt good, i thought you was the one who read the rules here.
    In all honesty im not offended, but you still said all that stuff which i class as offending.
    True, real life it still happened, but i didn't do it on purpose and if people can't respect that then fine i dont care, and of course it said read and agree with the rules, but i hardly doubt you read the whole terms and rules of the forum, and if you did you must have a lot of spare time.
    Now what your saying about mewthree now is exactly what i was looking for, an opinion, was it so hard to just say that?
    Im not exaggerating aswell, you said shut up, and that no one cares if its at the bottom, its there because no one wants to read it, i know you said it wont happen and again that's an opinion which i could have accepted.
    Talking about that wasn't the problem, the way you said shut up about mewthree.
    And actually, yes being new is an excuse, i didn't violate the rules on purpose, i dont fully understand how the system works yet.
    It was a reason, and i even admitted myself it wasn't good but it was a reason and that's all you asked for, and whatever your laying on about this ligh-type-fight, i dont know what the hell it is so i dont care, seems to me like your relying on it.
    An insult doesn't have to be a bad word, it's whatever makes me feel offended, and my bad i did realise you did'nt say how to make people vomit, but you still went on about shut up and, no one cares or wants to read so don't lie your way through it.
    It didn't have the same content though, i also included about the 4th gen not being like the 5th gen legends so, not exact same content.
    Im new to the serebii forums, or forums in general, i didn't know how to edit previous messages.
    And really there was a good reason for why it was a good suggestion, i concluded by saying about it contributing to the 'Mew and Mewtwo Story arc', maybe not perfect but it was a reason and no denying it.
    I only insulted because you insulted me with all your 'shut up, know how to make people vomit' stuff so i dont care end of.
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