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  • hehe, there's probably going to be a fairy type gym leader in pokemon x and y! I wouldn't be surprised if he/she would be the 8th and final one!

    ugh I know. homework is ugh. :c ah I see, I heard it was really dizzy-like. I might just use the 2DS then!
    Ah, that sucks. I guess it's 'cause people will 'judge' them for liking a girly Pokemon. Personally, I don't care if people judge me for liking Gardevoir. That probably won't happen, but it's possible. But fairy types seem so awesome! Especially Sylveon. Yes! You should do that & show them how strong fairy types can be. Mhm, both of them are awesome, but I just prefer Gardevoir. c':

    I know right! School usually gets in the way. :/ I usually only have the time to play on weekday nights and weekends. Homework sucks ugh. :c So am I! It's such a change going into 3D! And no, you're not annoying at all! I'd say that you're fun to talk to. ^_^ Ah, that's the thing. I haven't any 3DS at the moment. I'm getting one in October. :/ It sucks, I know, but once I get it I'll be sure to use it many times!~
    Raltz and Larvesta are awesome! I love that Raltz has two evolution lines, Galade and Gardevoir. That way both genders can be happy, 'cause some may prefer the other. For me, I prefer Gardevoir though even though I'm a guy. I guess it's 'cause I'm used to Gardevoir.

    Woah, really? I'm surprised! I thought most people were getting X haha, I guess not! I am however. It's even better that everyone wants Y 'cause we'll be unique. :') I know right they're all so EPIC.

    Mhm Empoleon is indeed awesome! He's an old timer that retired, sadly. :c He's off in college but he's going to play Pokemon Y, but barely. So I guess he's retired but not retired yet. Hopefully he'll get back into it once he plays Y!
    Yup!!! Raltz and Larvesta are my favorites and the only ones I will say are perfect lol. And finally I meet another person who wants X, everyone I know wants Y. I think Xerneas is going to be pretty bad A. Even though Braixen is looking very witchy ^_^.

    Empoleon is awesome, love the design!! And does your bro play Pkmn like you? Or is he an old timer that's retired? :)
    I know right! It was good food too. 'Cause a lot of free food can taste horrible at times. And yeah I guess so, teehee. My brother is an elder like you, so you shan't worry! Elders are actually really cool. :eek: There's a lot of 'em on here. Hm, I'm probably going to get Pokemon X just 'cause Xerneas looks epic. Also, on my school schedule it said Teacher X so maybe that's a sign? That's a difficult one, probably Empoleon or Milotic. Favorite Kanto Pokemon would definitely be Charizard. c': Favorite Kalos is definitely Fennekin & Braixen 'cause they're like wizards and witches! There's a lot of Pogeymanz that are awesome.

    I'm assuming yours is Kirlia or Raltz? Or anyone from the Raltz line? Haha from your intro I just assumed that.
    I joined when generation three came out, but that doesn't necessarily make me an elder. I guess that makes me somewhere in the middle haha. Maybe a teenager? cx
    And it was one sided, the other team was destroying the other. >< BUT it was a fun experience. Free food makes up for it. ;D
    I'm fine! I'm at a baseball game right now haha but it's finished now. I see you're a veteran Pokemon fan! That's awesome. :)
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