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  • Hey Rose. I told Crazie and Kas the story but just saying that on the clan site, there is like a hacker or a glitch and now in order the victims are Me, Clone, Nick, San, Jagged, and Tom. So I already told them and explained. The only solution before it spreads more is to make a new site :( wanna battle?
    fair enough =/ I still think you did ok. It probably didn't help that I remembered your walls x). Finish your new pokes and then we'll battle again =)
    I'm not lying to you, you made some alot of good predictions and played really good at first, you just played the late game bad D;
    u did ok, you should have tooken me out with venasaur instead of sleep powdering that turn, celebi has natural cure I could of just switched out to get rid of the sleep
    well atm I'd say the top clans would be the Storm Kings and Rebellion, however I would never join Rebellion as it to much like the Super Elites (my first clan) and they insulted my 2nd clan quite a bit (Team Huh?). I've signed up at Raiden just now as they look like there is a lot of potential there and they have cool userbars xD. I might join the Storm Kings as well when they make their new thread.
    you're not annoying , I really like talking to you and being around you and such =) . I wouldn't get tired of you
    I'm clanless at the moment x), why would I mind? =). I'll probably just join whatever clan has the coolest looking userbars XD or just sounds cool. I've been thinking the Storm Kings or Raiden , I'm leaning more towards Raiden cos cool userbars XD.
    We let rebellion people in there and she hates them far more than she hates you, really its open to everyone if you really want to join x). Theres not much to do there just yet since the league isn't up. There is big tournament going on but it has started already.
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