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Last Activity:
Aug 26, 2009
Jan 10, 2009
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Electric Gym Leader

majinchris was last seen:
Aug 26, 2009
    1. POK(E)XPERT
      Ok let me know if you change your mind.
    2. POK(E)XPERT
      I can give you any shiny on my list in the shiny thread.
    3. POK(E)XPERT
      What nature is turtwig?
    4. Ghostman8
      Hey, I have your elekid pm me when you want to trade
    5. Aura King
      Aura King
      A guy named "Aura King.
    6. Aura King
      Aura King
    7. Red1062
      Awww no Awesome Christina don't be sad. Your a awesome battler like I said. Losing 3 in a row don't mean ****. Your a Awesome battler for real. If you feel somethings wrong with your team why not change it around a bit? Cause theres no perfect team. So why not try to change it? I could try to help breed pokemon for you if you need certain ones or I could ask a friend of mine. So if you need help let me know. Hit me back iight Chris.
    8. majinchris
      im sad now.......I came to the clan thinking i sucked at battling then i win 4 in a row.... now iv lost 3 in a row making me 4-3 since those 4 iv done nothing but lose
    9. Red1062
      Oh no it doesn't offend me lol. Why would someone calling me sexy offend me?lol I just wanted to know why you always call me sexy. God this sucks I wish I could be talking to you guys now since I cant I'm stuck here helping my cousin write poetry since he cant write poetry for **** lol. I wanna battle or talk or something and its not the same on Serebii since it takes long sending messages back and forth. Its not like talking on the phone or iming or something. Oh well there just gonna have to fix the comp soon then. Hit me back Chris.
    10. Red1062
      lol Why you keep calling me sexy?lol Oh well at least someone thinks I look good. But that sucks that you lost I wanted to be the first to beat you. Oh well. I think the comp is gonna be messed up for awhile so I think it'll be awhile before I can talk to you and the other guys you know through instant messaging. For now we could only talk through here since its the only thing I could think of. Oh yeah I haven't told you but my name is similar to Red its Rob. Hit me back Chris.
    11. Red1062
      Hey Christina its me Red. Hey I would love to come online and talk to you and the other members online but the computer is ****ed up and doesnt want to work I'm posting this of my DSi and I'm sad and ****** that I cant talk to you guys. Well hit me back.
    12. junoir13
      im going on
    13. junoir13
      uh whats ur fc?
    14. carmall
      Hey I sent you a PM. Wagz is ready to trade you an adamant elekid!
    15. old man
      old man
      shiny wish evee. what do you want for it?
    16. DialgaMan
      A shiny? An Ev'd ? Events?
    17. rd x K1LL K1NG
      rd x K1LL K1NG
      yes i could breed an adamant one for you...
    18. Lion Demon
      Lion Demon
      I think I have A Adamant female geodude
    19. flameswy
      hey i have darkrai, (siney and otherwise) do you still have that shiney palkia?
    20. SamuraiDragon1
      1: don't feel bad. You were sick I understand.

      2: Sure if you still want an adamant I can get you 1, 2, or 3 lol
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    Team Advent's Electric Gym Leader & High Council
    Diamond FC:: 1633-8797-6995
    Platinum FC:: 0775-0694-2998