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  • Hi, dont know if you remember me but we talked before and i just noticed today is a very special day for you.

    So Happy Birthday! All the best and have a great day.:)
    i'll just put it here , just to be safe

    the reason behind it well i'm not sure if some of us would prefer to ship them, and if there were people who would ship them, i find it pretty few tbh

    - but yah i'm at fault for not putting them -
    Then please give me a link to that person's post. But you do keep bringing it up often, and so does everybody else. The point I'm trying to say is that it's off topic. Well sorry then...
    Hey just a piece of advice, try not to keep bringing up Amour in the Pokèshipping thread. It's just off topic and could result in the thread being closed and what not.

    Not being rude, but it's just off topic.
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