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  • Update with that.

    Two of the guys from there were staying with me for a while. Told them don't smoke till my mom comes and goes, one did anyways she came and smelled it and started yelling, my brother was there drunk, blamed it on me being drunk although I didn't even drink, ripped a door off and said we did it and turned into a big thing.

    Then the old guy down stairs who doesn't like seeing tobacco smoking said something, and the guy in the building across from me who cried to the manger about my Obama sign said something.

    Not to sound like an ass, but if you don't like seeing people smoke or put up campaign signs you don't agree with, don't move to a public place. And it's not like it's a money issue for the two either one sold there hose and moved here and the other is in real estate.

    So anyways how have you and your family been?

    That's the one. Unless it's weed, i always try and have a sober friend on hand

    Forget the name, but it's supposed to be some what like acid, but more of a happy feeling. Starts with an M

    Think I'll stick with Weed, shrooms, and the once in a while happy pill

    Spoken like a wise man. Know the dangers, and know I know them, but don't yell.

    But you'll get back in to the habit and as long as you're up get some nookie.

    Like it better?

    Btw, why didn't you scream and yell at me about the PM I sent out saying what I did?

    Always fun teaching higher ups how to work things.

    So one nephew started JR. High today, and one 1st grade. I'm getting old

    Wasn't my brother, was my dad's friend's son. My brother called me to warn me.

    My brother does have issues with drinking, but is really only every other 3 months he falls off the wagon for about a week.


    My dad told me to call his friend cause his son needed a place to stay for five days. I said yes, only to for my brother to tell me about two hours after he got to my house we was on his way to rehab that day, but sent a text to his mom he'd blow his brain out if they made him go.

    So the five days he spent at my house was him not aiming or really flushing in the bathroom, not cleaning up after eating, eating and drinking everything even my protein drinks that coast a good deal, and stinking up my place. Another time he walked into my room and was shocked to see me there.

    I mean you had it a lot worse with the motel time and the drugs, but still, I take the time to pull out and I still needed to raise a kid for a few days, one that's five years older than me

    Not really. It was kind of a WTF moment.

    Want to hear a are you ****ing kidding me moment that went onto me last week?

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