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  • This isn't a matter of female sexuality, I'm really not sure where you got that from - it's a matter of glorifying abusing and controlling relationships. What kind of sex you prefer isn't the same thing as being in a dangerous relationship where one person is powerless.

    A great article describing the "abstinence porn" aspect can be found here, though I'm not getting the impression that you're actually interested.

    You have a really confusing posting style.
    The haters of twilight as I hear it (I never read it cause I'm not a teen in love) is it breaks all the known mythology of Vampires and Werewolves. That is a hard thing to get past. Vampires do not sparkle in sunlight they burn to death
    That's why some people hate it, sure, but plenty of books, shows and games break the basic conventions of what constitutes a vampire or a fairy or an elf. In fact, Bram Stoker's Dracula could go out in daylight just fine.

    The real issues with Twilight lie in the fact that it not only depicts, but glorifies an abusive, controlling relationship. Edward stalks and obsesses over Bella, won't allow her to make her own decisions and forces her to do what he wants without getting her own say. This is depicted as being both normal and an ideal relationship, and if that's what interests young girls they will seek that kind of partner and that kind of relationship. It's literally dangeous, but most Twi-haters don't get that.

    Also, it's not just teenagers who read it - it's also young adults and even middle-aged women. But yes, it's pretty much abstinence porn.
    After tonight I will be offline till 7/9. Plant shutdown for one week. Enjoy your summer where ever you may be.
    Thing is I don't have many groups I "don't like" (outside of Pedophiles and Rapists), maybe it's why I can accept most people at face value no matter their opinion.
    Y'know, I think this quote right here pretty much sums up why you and I get along so well.
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