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  • We're you the one who made the screwdriver that works like a pocket knife?

    Did you like it?

    It is a good job. I won't be as great as Batman, but I'll be like Darkwing Duck. What were the other two?

    Did he like it?

    I've been alright. Got an apprenticeship for an electrician going, and a guy I know, can help me when I'm done with that to get more into union work, so super happy about that.

    How about you apart from the weekend? Going to take your kid to MIB 3?

    So today two of my nephews has baseball games (My sister's two boys), and two of my brother's kids were coming to the game to watch and play with their cousins. My sister-in-law hung out for a while with another nephew and my niece to play and show me how to work something. I took a show, and felt like playing a trick on them, so was in my bedroom was going to dress up as Batman and go down the fire escape and come to the door and knock on it and tell them about the Church of Batman. Got to the last step of the ladder and went to hold on, but missed fail over six feet slamming my jaw on bricks, and having the back of my body bend towards the front. All I have to show for it is cuts.

    As my second oldest friend, and since my oldest has a prison record, more of this falls on you for not being the responsible one.

    Because he started getting busted on for his abuse of the thread. Folks like Sogeking and Zenotwapal started responding to his posts with wiseacre remarks and insults.
    You could probably find some fairly inspiring porn while you're at it. ^_^;

    Cristopher Hitchens wrote a very short and very engaging biography of Paine if you're interested. link
    It would change the value to me, because in that instance I would be placing value on future potential.

    That would only apply if I wanted the child though.
    yeah i didn't know that there was a forum for that my bad but i always talk about that with my friends i wish it would happen
    Yeah, and you know, I'm not actually opposed to what they're doing, but it just seems like they don't realize that's what they're doing. I guess you've got to do what you've got to do to make your position, whatever position that may be, palatable.
    And about the whole, date-rape, and sedated killing argument. Its really worded so as to be as chilling as possible. It really is chilling and I think it ought to be. But the way I see it, if killing an unborn child is justifiable because it has not yet developed consciousness, date-rape and sedated organ harvesting/etc should be justifiable because they are not currently conscious too. Which is something I, and most people, are just obviously not comfortable with.
    You know, I can't really tell you why this is such an important issue to me, but dang man, it really is. I see it right up along side murder, pedophilia, etc. Let the murderers die. Let the pedophiles die. Let the abortionists die. Though never by my hand. Let the government do the dirtywork.
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