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  • You can't ask for better nephews and nieces than I have. If for some reason I ever end up marrying your daughter your son's kids will help add to the greatness of nieces and nephews.

    Don't worry I do and as a result they got my back. My niece has hit plenty of people who jump on me, despite them being her siblings and cousins just playing around. My brother's two oldest know I get high and don't rat me out, and tonight at The Avengers when I got into a yelling match with someone, one said my uncle doesn't need to bother with you, I can take you.

    Then with my cousin's kids it's kind of the same. One cousin his kid loves me like crazy. Another cousin daughter is only like 2, or maybe 1 and when we were in the hospital with my grandpa as he was dying. I was really the only one apart from her parents she'd let hold her. Another cousin her kids are friendly towards me, but since they don't live here and only see them like two times a year, aren't really close.

    The 1 grand a night kind.

    Also fun fact. I'm happy to be an uncle, but never want kids myself

    kk. Is he going to do anything for the summer. Teams or anything like that

    Both ways just like me :p

    How does that work with watching your son?

    I've been good thanks. Training my white team, got the lucky egg so it's easy, and laughing at the laws the schools are trying to pass. My last year they took out the vending machines, but we'd go off campus for soda anyways, where it was cheaper. Now they want to make it so kids can't talk about their college acceptances stuff.

    Must have been good back in your day. Just fighting over who'd dinosaur was the fastest

    THE ****

    Why are you on so late? Also is the Susan Powell case talked about a lot in your state? It is here, but it started here

    Also a good point!

    Hm. Do any bands have lead singers wearing bath robes on stage? Maybe I'd start doing that if I were ever in a band. If I had musical skill.

    ... then I'd just need to be British...
    I couldn't help taking a little dig at it in the process, man. But now I like the idea of an album called Live, the Universe, and Everything.
    i'm free until september.

    aside from work and girlfriend(s) and rampant alcoholism

    so free... more or less
    I looked it up and the information indicated the reason was purely psychological. Like you said, people didn't like it. Because the coloration that the drink had, people assumed it was lighter in flavor, had less calories, etc.

    Tired, as usual.
    It seems a lot of people do that. I usually judge not based on avatar, but on typing style and context, but it's still bound to be inaccurate if it's not clearly stated or blatantly obvious. It's easy to see why, though.

    Whatever, I'm not offended. XD I don't think I'll ever understand how people can think Asuka is all that masculine of a handle, but eh. I'm changing it to something slightly more clear-cut feminine whenever the mods get around to doing the next batch of name changes.
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