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  • Whats funny is I have in varying degrees argue both sides of that debate, and none seem to notice. *shrug* Maybe I'm to subtle!
    Sppf will always be full of people like that, who chose to look at something they heard in place of fact.

    Look at the same sex marriage thread everyone saying no to it was since God said it can’t be, and it’s been like that since day one.

    That's cool. I think she'd have a lot of fun on here and makem some good friends.

    My daughter is thinking of joining here too. She's a spitfire with strong convictions... like her old man!

    That's cool. Posting on here is one of the best ways to make work go by faster, get to see all your love dones and all.

    LOL, I like most everyone, until they prove to not be worth liking ;) Yeah I post from work. Computer controlled machines leave a lot of down time once they are up and running!
    Thank you, we have had our share of ups and downs. But We are more in love today than ever before. Tomorrow I will have another reason to love her even more than today.
    I was reading about how you met your wife and just wanted to wish you two best of luck :] It's nice to know there are still some happily married couples out there.
    Sorry workday ended before I could answer. Well the other forums I frequent are for a game called BattleTech and the average user age is... well substantially higher (I am NOT the oldest one there). So of course the maturity level is higher, but the discussions are just as heated! Worse game physics are being discussed by actual aeronautical engineers, physicists, and beer guzzling gamer geeks (like me). It can be quite comical seeing how heated discussions can get when discussing the probability of JumpDrives (kinda like warpwrive only instantaneous).
    so how does it compare to other forums?

    i haven't really looked around the neighborhood much.


    am i missing out?

    Newcomer to Serebii long time forum rat. I've been catching 'em all since 1st gen. I've known about this site for about 3 years. Just never tried to log in.
    ah, i see.



    so your a new comer then, just for the 5th gen huh?

    did you play the previous ones, and just not the site until now, or are you a newcomer period?

    its fun that you debate here, most people would have found a debating website built for that.

    always nice to know that there are other intelligent people who like pokemon.
    (if its not to presumptuous of me to call my self intelligent.)

    Well I first started here to gather information for Black/White. I get the strat guides and all but the 'Kids' here are just whip smart on everything Pokemon. I don't battle, mostly due to my Pokemon get perks from using Action replay (999 items helps bunches), and it's just embarrassing to get smoked by kids 1/2 my age!

    However, I found the debate forums & quite frankly in my 45 years I have shockingly developed a few opinions. and it passes the time quicker here at work. My machine has a fairly long cycle time, so it gives me lots of time to be bored.

    That's my reason/excuse.
    oh for sure.


    your a very respectful person.


    thats what makes it fun to debate with you- its no fun arguing with some one who loses their head when anybody disagrees with them.


    on a completely unrelated subject, could i ask what you use serebii forums for?
    do you battle or trade pokemon as well?

    i wouldn't think your just here to enjoy the high quality debates raging nonstop.

    Don't apologize! You challenge me in a respectful manor. I hope I am doing the same... or at least that I come across as respectful.
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