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    umm, i was scouting around for proof to back up my long life point, and the best i kind find was the law of entropy.

    so you win that one.

    If I ever have kids, I'd be more like an uncle towards them.

    I mean I'd worry if my son was ditching class, given what I was doing when I ditched.

    yeah, no problem.


    an interesting factoid i heard but cant back up or remember where i heard it (lolz, run on sentence XD ) is that thats were giants came from.

    weird, huh?

    if you want to look it up, it has something to do with Nephilim.


    oh here.

    right, ill have to think about it more.

    im sure that conditions were a factor for age expectancy, but look through the course of the whole of history...

    im fairly sure im correct.


    and its not EVERYBODY, its that this has been going on for a few generations, and since theyer all so closely related lots of people are part demon.

    catch my drift?


    ill go see if i can find some data to back up my age expectancy thingy.

    and yes, continuity is one of my writing weak points, along with grammar and punctuation.


    noticed that, did you?

    Poor continuity in writing. We have much better medical resources to date but nobody has lived past 127 (IIRC) now a days. And life expectancy has risen a lot since the dark ages.

    Adam & Eve's sin was once again free will. Which god gave us. and then when begging for forgiveness he says NO! Merciful?

    Everybody but Noah's family was sexing up demons? Tough pill to swallow. That doesn't explain the punishing of ALL life. Animals cannot sin like humans can.

    I liked our discussion, but questions still unanswered. X)
    people were more genetically stable back then, see how they lived for 100+ years?

    human beings have just been deteriorating ever since.


    as for those examples, each was a fairly unusual set or circumstances, right?

    adam and eve were warned, and they sinned anyway.

    god cant be in contact with evil since hes so pure, or something. so they had to go then, it was of their own doing... and the devil's, i suppose.

    same deal, bigger scale with noah, pretty much.

    anyway, mercy there to, what with the rainbow and such.

    a few people believe that their big sin in the noah time was umm, breeding with demons.


    yeah, pretty high offense.

    you cant see there only being one good family in the world?

    anyway, that was a smaller world to, like ancient Mesopotamia or something, there wasnt 6 billion people back then.

    oops, just saw your new post.

    right then, nice talking to you.


    hope i helped somewhat.
    I have heard this belief before and it actually makes better sense when discussing a "Forgiving" god. Points for your Gran! Mostly just spiteful ones of the top. Sodom, Adam & Eve, Noah Wiping out almost all life because humans F-ed up real bad. and only one family deserved a get out of dead pass? Vengeful. Not to mention the resulting Inbreeding that should have occurred!
    dead, but conscious, no?

    my grandma believes that those sent to h*** can work on forgiveness till they are accepted to heaven...

    that doesnt sounds very likely to me, but its just one opinion in a multitude.

    im afraid i dont see the vengeful aspect, can you give me an example?


    and lolz, rah rah rah?


    please elaborate a little more.

    But in my example from then on...your dead! You cannot provide action.

    Old testament (you know the basic starting block) god is indeed quite vengeful, now add in jealous, that is a "perfect" being with 2 cardinal sin flaws. Contracting.

    Not to mention the New Testament is all rah rah Jesus, which is in flagrant violation of Commandment #1
    the whole forgiveness for just saying sorry idea is old, the idea comes from when people really meant what they said with all their heart.

    now a days saying something doesnt mean you mean it.

    so yeah...

    if you say, and truly mean it i suppose yes, you would be forgiven.

    but could you totally repent on the spot?

    i dont think i could, if i was hitler, or some one...

    it would take a long time even to just forgive your self, if you were truly sorry.
    its not just saying im sorry, its how you act from then on.

    praying and saying sorry is important, but thats just where you start earning forgiveness, but thats just my take on it.

    on the vengeful/merciful question, yes god is merciful, but hes not vengeful, its jealous.

    this was greatly expounded on by Jonathon Edwards.

    as far as i understand what he says, the idea is that since god is perfect in all ways, we owe him total honor, right?

    well humans cant do that to themselves, humans are imperfect.

    god cant honors humans perfectly, for the same reason.

    but god MUST honor all that is perfect, which is only him...

    sorry if that sounded confused, this isn't my forte.


    didnt manage to address all your questions...
    anyway, hope that helped some.
    Like why is god Vengeful and Merciful, Why would he let someone into heaven like Hitler just because just before he dies he decides hell doesn't sound so good and begs/will be granted forgiveness? BUT he would turn away a person that lives the doctrine but never says save me Jesus? Just a few of my questions.
    the catholic doctrine?

    while i like the catholic take on Christianity, (perhaps just for its age and ornamentation, yes, i am that shallow) many others (and most of my family) think that its imperfect...

    have you looked into other sects?

    maybe they have the answers your looking for.
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