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  • No.... and yes. The priests came and went, there were good ones and bad. It was the doctrine that always made me ask the "what about this?" questions.
    well of course.


    forgive me if this is to personal, but was your catholic pastor terrible?

    from what you've said, it seems like some ones tried to represent god to you, and failed miserably.
    Conviction can be a good thing. Do remember my arguments are mine, I do not expect you to accept them as facts, cause they aren't. They are the musings of a questioning mind.

    RetCon is a comic book term, It is a rewrite of the original hero storyline to incorporate new ideas. Captain America died after WWII RetCon, he was frozen in ice before dying & was thawed out 20-30 years later for instance.
    well, im just head strong, no excuse of age here.


    im afraid i dont know about RetCon, what is it?



    btw, free will to do the right thing, not freedom from responsibility.

    when you get back to me on this, if ever, please post it on my profile page, alright?

    other wise i dont get a notification.

    Religious questions, I'm guessing?
    any way, not to be pugnacious, but I cant agree with many of those examples, especially Sodom and Gomorrah.

    He sent warnings over and over, delayed again and again, and then let the few righteous people out....


    I think it could have been more like Nineveh, had they been more....


    Heh, you dont like catholicism?


    my whole family's lutherin, but i have deist sympathy's...

    i like to keep an open mind, anyway.
    You have a very interesting opinion in the suicide thread.


    are you by any chance Christian?
    LOL So I act like my daughters Uncle more than her Dad!?! Maybe that's why I'm so "cool" in her eyes!
    Our job as uncles are to spoil them, teach them the cool things in life, watch out for them and tell them stuff their parents did when they were younger, when they get in trouble.

    And when you need to you can still send 'em home to mommy! I am the cool uncle for most of my nieces & nephews. Those that don't feel that way are the evil ones! (no, seriously!)
    That’s one of the reason I spoil my nieces and nephews. When I get to be the old cat crapping myself I’ll have someone to take care of me.

    Ok I haven't quite heard it that way before! Look at it from the King's side raising the successor! One day your the baddest cat in the land the next your crapping yourself and drooling for no reason! LOL
    Hey I’m already starting to feel old.

    It’s kind of like the Lion King. Used to run around all day in the nude having fun, but now I need to relax to take over the family business and become the king.

    Hmm...I married my first wife at 18 (after boot camp)... we divorced 2 1/2 ish years later(after my discharge), and I remarried like 3 months after that! So I might have my number of years crossed. or combined... Don't get old!
    I’m sorry to hear that. It really does get painful to people when churches act like if you don’t get married in their way it doesn’t count at all and doesn’t mean a thing to them. Even if you bring up stuff like you did, they try and change it around even if they need to make it up as they speak.

    If I may ask

    If you’re 45 and have been married 26 years you got married at 19 to your wife, so was your first marriage at a really young age

    Yep my brother and two of my friend’s brothers went over smacked him around for a bit. Plush another neighbor was a therapist and came over and said he’d see me for free.

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