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  • Darato, When I went to get an annulment from my 1st marriage the Catholic Chaplin told me since mine was a JP wedding It couldn't be annulled. But he could forgive my sin, which was my "not being married in the eyes of God". I informed him Cadicism taught me that God was everywhere SO he had to be watching my wedding!

    My story doesn't compare to the ignorance of your church story. For men of God they really really miss the target of HIS message. I hope you found someone to help you by lending an ear when you needed it most. I have family that was abused, they have a lot of issues because they have held it inside for so long.
    haha XD, and good luck I gave up on it :p hope you can change his view but I don't expect it, not because of you but because of him, btw you could also give me an answer back in a visitor message ^^
    The way I see it, is they have a lot of the main stuff that is the, but fight over the minor things that they say makes them a completely different church in the end.

    I’ve been told by me not forgiving the person that sexually abused me when I was younger I was worse than he is since he found God and attends church.

    Well I don't have time to get into it in depth, but I once made a comment that Catholics were Christians. I was punished for it, and made to write a report on the differences. When I was finished I was personally more sure there wasn't any difference & was thus disenfranchised with that whole belief system. That's it.
    You have good parents then :D

    I have had discussions like this with bible thumpers for a long time. It's just a matter of time before they quit trying to prove me wrong. :)
    don't bother trying to give shinysandschrew, he will throw it away and grabs for the bible as only evidence :s, ofcourse I won't stop you from trying :)

    EDIT: oh wow your the oldest person I know who likes pokemon except for my parents lol :)
    Yeah, seriously. My daughter is the age of some of the eldest on this form. She's 20 & my son is 10. We lost a couple in between.
    No worries. I'm a big horror movie fan, so know this stuff. Even made a bigger point of watching them to piss of Mormons.

    Thank you for the correction. It's been a very very long time since I last watched Silence of the Lambs! I was in the ballpark though.
    They taste good in a fine keyante' (sp?) sauce Clarice.
    The line is

    "and a nice chianti”

    Hi there! I just made a club and I was wondering if you would like to join.
    It's called the Apple Club where we talk about lots of stuff o_O.
    So it would be great if you could join!
    Just read the rules and yeah. If you have any questions just ask me.
    If you don't wanna join...no hard feelings! It will just make me cry for a couple of minutes....
    To find this club just go to serebiiforums main page and scroll down and you will see the section clubs...yay!
    Ok... But I like trolls! [Hannibal]They taste good in a fine keyante' (sp?) sauce Clarice.[/Hannibal]
    Why would someone send me a link that is blocked by my corporate security? *shrug*
    Actually that Guy is a troll, and be glad that corporate security did it's job. I don't have it and I can say both are instant stackable offences in many companies.

    We've given him the worst we can at the moment.
    Cool thanks, I might do that... right now I am having some fun discussing the extent of my martial training in the martial art thread... kids yeesh! LOL
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