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  • If your are talking about people wondering over your age I’ll admit it made me wonder at times, but I know that there are older people still into games, and if you were lying about your age chances are you’d have been some 15 year old just trying to spam you’d have already shown that by now, but instead you’ve been posting relating to topics that are being shown.

    At what a lot of these newer members don’t know is we’ve had two great older members in the past.

    So it is something that makes you wonder, but at the same time isn't hard to believe

    As for my age, been on here since I was 15 and if you look at my old posts you'll see me getting mature as the years go by.

    Well as it keeps being said to me... how do we know? Anyway welcome aboard the crazy train!
    I can understand that, but it isn’t like I’m one of the 12 year olds running around on here starting purity clubs. I’m old enough to buy my whole alcohol

    I liked video games since I was a mid teen. My brother & I would spend hours (and lots of money) at the arcades. As an adult I still played the RPGs (Final Fantasy, Might & Magic, Lunar). Well My daughter was playing Her Pokemon Red and needed to get past a Gym Leader. SO I had to beat Brock (IIRC) for her. A week later I had Blue and I have been catching 'em ever since.
    You're rather lucky. Lots of people I know dimiss Pokemon straight away or resort to calling it' "gay" or "childish". I tend to shrug it off.

    So, how did you get into Pokemon? I saw the show and became hooked like most people haha
    Thanks. Yeah I get ribbed for it on occasions, but since most of my coworkers play HALO or Football they don't make to big a deal of it.
    Nice. Its great to see someone "older"(sorry haha) playing Pokemon. Do people ever make fun of you for it? I hope they don't.

    p.s. you have to leave a message on my profile so i know you've responded :p
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