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  • Ah I see, well you've really thought it through by the sound of it so I'm sure that it can all work out for you :) I've never been to the USA, but California is definitely on my list of things to see before I die :) It seems really unfair that one year can blot your record like that, hopefully it'll get put to rights.

    Japanese is really interesting! Would you travel there? Do you want to teach it or translate/interpret? In any case there are lots of transferable skills that you'll learn (and learn to blag about during job interviews for almost anything).

    Nope, just history from age 18-21! But of course there's too much to focus on all at once. I ended up studying medieval Britain, early Cold War Europe, Ancient Athens and Malaysian/Sri Lankan religious conversion. Ancient Greece was certainly my favourite topic! I had a wonderful teacher, his room was littered with cricket posters, sherry glasses and 19th century books. It was a good place to learn :p

    My training contract is a 3-year full-salary job, during which I get sent off on college course and learn all about accounting, taxation, business law and management, etc. It's very useful, although I do feel it's very repressive in some ways. There's no way to expand your mind, challenge old ideas and develop new ones, be creative, etc. But we all need to find a living wage somehow, right? :)
    Well in the UK you study only one subject in the whole of your time at university, and for me that subject was history :) as I'm sure you can imagine though, that doesn't set you up very well for a career ;) but I got a training contract in audit and accountancy, where I study and work at the same time, and I get paid too. It is going okay :)

    Where are you planning on going to college? Is it very expensive there?
    Hey hey! That's quite alright, I'm actually far more relaxed about personal info etc since I finished up the Theme League those years ago, since back then I was a mere 17 and now I'm 22, graduated and a year in with a full-time job :) It's been a rollercoaster!

    How are you doing? I still remember you, so nope, you're not random in the least!
    Hello there Theme Leaguian! (That title won't go away =D)

    Just saw your name on the birthday role call, so here to wish you a
    ~Happy Birthday~
    And I hope you have a wonderful day! =)

    That's quite alright, thank you for getting back to me ^^
    Of course I remember who y'are =P And I hope you have an enjoyable time when you get the platinum game (I'm envious! Hehe).
    See you around!
    Hi there,
    As you've been away for such a long period of time I'm afraid that I've had to re-open your place for the Theme League. Thank you for having participated in the League, and I'd welcome your return if you were ever interested in a gym position ^^
    Thanks, and sorry, and good luck with everything!
    The usage of tiers destroys what fun you can have in a game. Just use who you want and be happy with it.
    I agree. I remember my days using blaziken and rayquaza and loving it. Now, borderline and uber rarely come together. Rayquaza makes a great addition to an otherwise OU and under team. Kyogre is a great battler as well, but nothing can match draco meteor dialga. (except maybe groudon.) Ah, where would I be without these legends? I can't bear to think of it.
    and my house got no wifi(i get wifi from a hotel nearby my house,)so plz dont ask me anything while trading!

    give me 7 mins,i'll be there
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