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  • by the way i think tiers are bad cuz u are free to use what u want except pokemon too strong like mewtwo or deoxys
    well dude give me ur friend code
    i'll give u celebi
    and pikachu
    for jolteon scizor and tauros
    my fc is on my sig
    i would just like to say that i agree with your point of view regarding tiers, the many possible combinations of teams makes pokemon the wonderful thing it is in my view and adding tiers only serves to restrict what people can use.
    Thanks for the battle last night, good game!
    I got a bit lucky though with those two critical hits...And putting the focus sash on Gallade was a pretty fortunate decision =P
    Rematch next week?
    Hi there!
    I'll be on wi-fi to battle in around 20-30 mins, so come on then if you can battle!
    I'm saying this now because I have to switch the computer off, so I won't be able to converse on Serebii,
    And can i have your Friend Code?
    Thanks, and good luck!
    Pirate, friend code: 5240 9173 0489
    Nope, my profile pic's me =) One of those random times I actually visited a bar in pirate costume...
    I have a habit of responding to sig stuff, don't mind me! =P
    I agree that you shouldn't base your team off the highest statted pokes in the game, but I still think tiers can be useful if you want to try something unusual, like having a UU battle =)
    I don't plan my teams using the tiers system; even though Togekiss is OU I really enjoy battling with her, and I'm surrently training up a UU manectric, because it's shiny and the colour combo is great =P So yes, use what pokemon you like! But don't feel too downhearted if your UU team gets wiped out with a team of ubers.
    Oh, and thanks for challenging the Theme league! I'll add you to the list now.
    I don';t mind spam xD And that is not spam. Thank you~! And I love CLAMP <3 Yes, it is Chii. It is Kipi, a well-known cosplayer, in her Chii photos ^^
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