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  • oh ok, you don't have to rush to do it i can wait til tomorrow if that would be better seeing as you have a paper in and i know how stressful and time consuming it can be (i'm a uni student)
    Ah, je vois! Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait des cours de français aux États (tu parles des États-Unis, je présume ?). Je pense personnellement que le français est plus difficile que j'anglais, alors de là à faire 4 ans d'étude pour cette langue, c'est assez remarquable!
    i am actually using the [View Convo] feature. :3
    i quoted that one from your thread, in hopes to clear some confusion if ever you'll think [wth is this dude talking about?] xD

    anyway, aww... aw well, i'll go look for a shaymin elsewhere then. :p
    i don't frequent the forums here but, the quote is kinda messed up while viewing our exchange of messages. =/

    anyway, my FC is 0061-1111-6462.
    I hope u don't mind if I'll remove u after our trade, 'cause i only have 4 more free space in my friend's list xD

    also, nah, i managed to breed a 6IV Eevee yesterday. o.o
    so trade me something u don't need :3

    btw...do you have a Shaymin?
    i've been searching for one for a while now.
    I might actually have time to take care of your request today! Do you need a specific nature, or does your male one have that covered?

    Also, please feel free to subscribe to the thread while you wait for your request.
    sorry but someone randomly traded me a perfect 6IV ditto. =/
    but i'm still willing to trade you a 5IV Tepig if you still want one. :3
    Hey there! I just saw your french trading thread and I must say, it's interesting to see french people on Serebii forum! I am, myself, a french canadian, and I was wondering if you were talking in french by yourself or if you were using a translator for that ? o:
    Car si tu veux, c'est toujours drôle d'avoir une conversation en français sur un site anglais. :p
    Done, thanks!

    EDIT: Just wondering, do you mind checking what Pokemon are in my Friend Safari? If you don't already know, yours has Ninetails, Charmeleon, and Magmar.
    Oh, and I wanted also to ask - how are your college applications going? I've been through the stress jazz of senior year already, so I'd be glad to help if I can.
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