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  • I hummed the Waka Waka song to myself while picking grapes today with my folks at our vineyard. It's not quite the genre I listen to, but it's quite catchy.
    Oh good :) sorry, I get pretty paranoid =P Ah =[ that's quite an early start no? I don't go back till 23rd September yet! Ah cool, how was the vacation? Ah right =[ perhaps we can some wi fi on with X and Y at some point.

    Nice to hear from you man =]
    Hey man =L I don't mean to pester you or anything, like, I just wondering if I've said something wrong maybe? If I have I am sorry
    Yah true- I'm not fussed really- we get the Queen's Birthday or whatever haha!

    I know! Stunner after stunner! I think I've gotten expecto-vision with it all though- come November, I'll probably think half of 'em are crap :p

    Aw, Irish eh ;) you a Mac or an O' ;) ?

    Yah the E4 need smashing! RARH!
    ah good good- Happy 4th of the 7th! That is all it was to me so haha :p

    Yah, tempers do flare at times ;) s'okay though at the end of the say. The 'running out of ideas' thing did get my Gogoat though, I was an eye twitch away from internetscreaming at some mothemuker!

    I do love Monorpale- the more I see it, the more I think: aw :3 you creepy little sword :p'

    yah I'm weird! I want to call mine SoulEdge and go out and ravage the pokeworld with it when I've caught one! MUHAHAAHAA [cough cough] yah, maybe just the elite 4 then =S

    hey matey, how you doing :)

    I loled at how the GF design haters were getting up your nose earlier! Not in a mean way, 'cos you kinda owned them with the 'go die in a hole' thing :p
    Hey =S sorry I'm like, creeping you out now- I'm just really socially paranoid, so I hope I didn't do anything to annoy you =[
    Sorry man, I will have to reply tomorrow- proper feeling paranoid from lack of sleep now :S

    I read you message though....... ;) G'night y'dawg!
    gah, apparently your inbox is full mate, so you might have to do some spring cleaning before you can recieve my message ;)
    I write quite slowly :p I try and be as thoughtful as possible with my responses too :) though it is pushing 4am here so my brain is a little scuzzy!
    Anyways believe what you want no need to have anything I say change your beliefs. I've meet alot of people that believe the way I do but bash religion.
    Well I started wondering why cant I believe in God without being in religion
    Lost faith in religion after meeting ppl that take it to the extreme
    lol thats what most ppl believe, you have to follow one of all these religions to believe in the same god. But hey, believe what you want. I practiced all religions before I stopped.
    I consider Atheist due to the fact that I believe religion is nothing, I believe in God but not religion
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