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  • ok, for my thread i think we should let other people post anagrams, but to do so they must answer the anagrams in the previous post. So your job now is to help me make sure no-one breaks the rules. :) sunraichu and purplemew agree that the others should post as well, as long as it doesn't get out of control.
    I think just us, you know, because then you wouldn't necessarily need helpers. So yeah, I think only we should do it.
    hi. other people have been posting anagrams on my thread. i've been discussing this with sunraichu, and i would like to know your opinion. should we let others post their own anagrams, or have just us post anagrams?
    I know who you are lol

    Im fine thanks and i'm just roaming the forums for people to post in the games i usually play
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