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  • Just a small correction that I would like to point out. Granted this observation can be overruled if I missed it or Ysavvryl is fine with it. I don't think that your character was called up yet as Professor Birch had left to go investigate and hadn't called anyone forward at the time the shrill call had gone off. I think Ysavvryl was only pointing out the two characters that were left inside that had yet to recieve their guardians. It could be just me, but I'd thought I'd tell you the slight mistake. No hard feelings ;)

    Ignore my comment
    Brawly keeps the Sapphire with him or in the Gym to keep it safe (it's about the size of a large orange). The shrine is on a rocky beach, near the water but high enough that it's usually above it.
    Brawly is in his late twenties, so probably more like brothers. In the original fic, he was married and had a 3 year old child, although I haven't decided if I'll keep that or not.

    Also, since it's relevant, the shrine of Kyogre is on the western shore of Dewford Island, across some rocky paths from the town. Brawly keeps a sacred artifact known as the Sapphire which should allow him to communicate with Kyogre from her shrine; he hasn't been able to contact her spirit since the drought started. The Sapphire used to be passed along a specific family line, so with Takusen being an orphan, he could be from that family.
    Hi! Anyhow, I made a reply in the Pokemon Mage SU thread, but just to make sure, I'm okay with letting you join if you don't mind starting a bit late. I mean to start up the game proper in the next couple of days, if not today.
    Aww, I can wait. XD Ian joined Matt's group, so that leaves Drake in Alistair's. XD Pretty lucky for him, as the team's mostly offensive and he can scan pretty safely. XD
    Psst, are you going to update Persona soon? Shin just joined Alyssa's group, so Drake can join Alistair, Aika and Janna instead, if you'd like. XD
    Hey, are you going to post in Persona soon? XD I want to see if Drake wakes up hungover from Janna's beer or not. XD
    Random question...when's Drake's birthday? XD I have a running birthday list on the DT and I'm still lacking a few. XD Plus, first night in Avalon just ended. >.<
    Janna tries flirting with Drake. XD You can try making her look stupid or something else...it's your call. XD
    Yeah. It would be perfectly plausible to pick him up along the way.

    However, in the meantime I'd recommend reading over what you can of the RP thread and the DT so you are caught up on everything.
    Hey, just a friendly reminder. The BRS RP has started and is underway.

    I see that you havn't been online in a while. Let me know if that changes, till then, I'll hold your spot for you.
    Just a warning, your reserve for a spot in Everlast: The Fantasy RPG will be terminated thie coming Friday, May 25th.
    Hey, could you post soon in TTN V.3D? If you don't soon, I'm afriad you'll be suspended, which means you will have to show me your active and repost your sign-up. People are suspended if they haven't posted in a month.
    I understand about the manuscript, I'm trying to write a book myself. Don't wait for Raven or starfire though, they will not be in this RP very often. None of the actual Titans will be.
    Hi, could you post again in TTN V3D? You havent in a while, and unfortunatly, if you don't soon, you will have to be kicked out. If you don't want to be part of the RP, don't feel bad about telling me. I would rather have someone tell me their quitting than just never post.
    Sorry I didn't notice your post in the Teen Titan's RP earlier. By Earth Elemental, I'm assuming you meant Longbottom. I'll try to post tomorrow.
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