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  • Hi. If you plan to stay in the Teen Titans RP, I need you to post very soon. I have to start removing people who haven't posted in a month or more, and you haven't posted at all yet. If I remeber correctly, you said you were back and could post, but correct me if I'm wrong.
    Whoops, I made a little mistake in the PM I sent you. The green cloak corresponds to the weird flashes of light, not flying leaves. No razor-sharp leaves flew anywhere--just ordinary, harmless ones. (Sorry for the strange wording--I'm trying not to reveal any spoilers to anyone else reading this message.)
    I think Opal getting dragged out would be the better option, as Sisturnia is pretty much supposed to be done for after the fire. I'll explain everything in my next post, which I'll have done in a couple of hours.

    EDIT: Great, I'm having trouble staying awake... I'll post tomorrow then.
    All right, I can handle Xiong for a bit. Where we are in the game, there's a chance that characters could get captured and sent to a prison complex for the next part of the main plot. Do you want him to stay free or become one of the captives? That will help me determine if he's part of the group that attacks Ghetsis or not.
    Hi! Are you still interested in the Divine RPG? I've moved the plot ahead to the Black City event and contacting anyone who hasn't posted in October. Hope you're doing well.
    Ah, sorry, I'm still working on it. I can see if I can get the important stuff done up tonight and get to it to you soon.
    Well, the Races are less like jobs and classes and more like identifiers. Using the Race tag, you can already get a decent idea of what the Demon is like. The Touki's are straight-up brawlers. The Dragon's are Paper Tigers, the Fairies are Glass Cannons, the Tyrants are Tanks, etc.

    The Genma are about as close to warriors as you're going to get, especially since Cu Chulainn is counted among them. Thiefs or Rouges... not so much. Maybe a bit of the Jaki or Touki, but there's not really an anagram for them. A lot of Demons are non-humanoid too. Heck, Decarabia is a freaking one-eyed starfish. So not all of them have conventional appearances or methods.
    The Megami race is all Goddesses though... (Megami literally means "Goddess" in Japanese). Folks like Cindy are really hard to fit in. Like, REALLY hard. But, I suppose Femme could work, it really all depends on how you portray her. Even her acceptance is dependent on that, since she is original.

    SoD is going to be really fun. I'm intentionally trying to make it so. Tomoyo is a Harionago, which is one of the "testing" Yokai. A Yuki-onna asks for help, then traps her victims if they fail to perform her increasingly difficult tasks. A Jorogumo seeks to get their victims alone, generally by pretending to be loose women. But a Harionago is one of the more "forgiving" of these in most cases. Where many Yokai leave very little room for escape, the Harionago only seeks to attack men who display arrogance or pride or other such failings, so their test is to throw insults or sarcasm, or other such things at a man, and see how he reacts. Its not likely, but if they manage to display only honest humility, they will be let off the hook so to speak. So she likely won't find much to get angry about with Opal, he seems agreeable enough. She's against Diego because he walked over with clear intentions to flirt with the Succubus.
    Two Femme's is fine. They'd have the same racial ability (A healing effect), but there's no other problem with that. Cinderella would have to be a Unique Demon though, considering she's an individual and not a class of Demon, so your's would be the only one if you can get her to work as a Demon and not as a Persona, they do have differences. A Persona is a reflection of its summoner, and can literally take any form. A Demon is a flesh and blood, living entity, and has its own unique personality that can be completely unrelated to its summoner. I'll try to explain all that in my Sign-Up post.

    EDIT: Actually, most Femmes seem to have some sort of alluring or sensual aspect to them. Not sure how that would work with Cindy, but there's not entirely a better fit for her. That's most of the reason why individuals like her were not included in the demons in-game.
    Well. Cinderella is more of a head-on fighter than anything else. As for who she'd become in a Persona setting... I'll give you a hint I plan on focusing more on the "genius older brother" and less on the duelist aspect of his backstory. As for class... *runs to Megami Tensei wiki* Femme might work for Cinderella (she is a physical attacker who relies on speed); however Femme seems perfect for his second demon.
    The evolution with the demons revolves around the concept of Fusion. So any given demon will never evolve per say, but rather would fuse with a 2nd Demon to create a new Demon, more powerful than either of the two originals. I'm still working on how to incorperate that into the game, but I'm planning on making it a bit less swapy and switchy, and just go with the Persona formula of keeping your same partner(s) through most of the story. I may still bring Fusion in as a possible choice, but its not going to be a requirement at all.

    I'd have to see how you handle Cinderella though, because the one class of Personae sources that didn't carry over into the Demons of DS are the "storybook" ones. So we don't get Caesar or Alice or Matador, or any of those. Demons are also organized by "Race", not by Arcana. So we have things like Divine, Fallen, Avian, Beast, Femme, etc. But with more total Races than Arcana and with more Demons in any particular group, there is actually a larger variety of Demons than there are Personae, even with the exclusions. All forms of Angels are also included, under the Divine race.
    Well, I do have good news for you power-wise. The COMP devices that let us use Demons (essentially the same assortment of sources as Personae) also allow COMP users to access powers and abilities. So Hurley really will have full access to a progressive set of skills and abilities. There is also a two Demon maximum, rather than a single Personae, so you'll have more options in that regard too.

    I'll get my summary together and send it too you once I get it all sorted out. I lost my first copy somehow, so I'm having to rewrite it now that I have a bit of free time.
    Hey, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. At least some of my players really enjoyed my RPs. I don't have any plans for a Persona RP soon, mostly because I'm in Zincspider's and I don't want to try and out-shadow his. However, I DO have plans for another Shin Megami Tensei series game adaptation, namely Devil Survivor. (More info here, but beware spoilers).

    Essentially, it is something of a more "realistic" Persona style game, where we have summoned, flesh and blood "demons" instead of mystical ghostly Personae. Events and dangers take place in the real world, instead of a mystical scene like the dark hour, or what have you, and carry real world dangers and results. But, it allows for more action, more development, and in general a faster, more lively pace than a Persona game. So I wanted to give it a try. If you think you'd be interested, I'd be glad to send you a little summary of what I have together so far.
    Sure--go right ahead. Just be sure to take a look at the comments I posted about Rosa in the signup thread.
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