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  • Hey, welcome back! Your Lilyara character sounds interesting indeed! (A flower ninja, eh?) I'm thinking of posting my third post soon (which will change the tone of the RPG quite a bit), but I will wait for you to post Rosa's introduction (and possibly Opal's as well) first.
    Yeah, I noticed that as I was looking over your signup. Oh, and I almost forgot, happy birthday!!! I bet you're glad to be 21.
    Ooh, a harpy, that would be interesting! Male harpies kind of look like angels, so I ca see why you'd like to play as one (unless you're gonna play a female one). Anyway, I'm about to post the RPG (as in within the next few minutes). Would you like to be in charge of keeping track of who's accepted?
    Yes, I think starting with the meeting would be for the best as well. The journey to Avalon would work if this were a fanfic, but not when ten people are posting at the same time whilst completely ignoring each other. And don't worry about the faery RPG just yet--handling Sword of Destiny will be quite a bit of work by itself. We'll talk more about this later I'm sure, especially since it's 3:14 AM in my part of the world and I have no idea why the heck I'm still awake. Good night!
    Well, I think the main reason why the RPG died last time was because quite a few people just dropped out, or were confused about the plot or something. And yes, you can be co-GM if you like. Especially since I'll be on vacation for two weeks at the beginning of September where I might or might not have Internet. One thing I'm thinking of changing in the RPG is that instead of everyone making their first few posts about getting to Avalon from their home, we can skip all that stuff and have the first post be the meeting with Sisturnia. What do you think about this?

    On another note, over the past few months I've had thoughts about starting an RPG where ordinary people stumble upon the Otherworld. I daydreamt about the two of us running the RPG together, playing as the faery king and queen. (And yes, I am quite aware that the Otherworld contains many brings besides just faeries...) It was a crazy thought I know, but who knows, it just might be an RPG idea for the future. (I just didn't post it because I was stuck on what the plot should be.)
    1) Things have been rather boring and I've been in a creative slump, and have really been procrastinating on things like getting my website up. But at least my summer is relaxing.

    2) Ahahaha, you read my mind! I am in fact planning on restarting that RPG sometime soon. Only problem is, I'm currently in three RPG's and am signing up for a fourth, so I'm unsure whether I'll have the time to restart it now. But if I do restart it, I'll make a few minor changes. First, I'll be either playing a different character or just controlling NPC's. Second, it was a tough decision to make, but I decided I won't be allowing any characters from outside of Crownen this time, due to how much it would complicate the RPG. Yet at the same time, I really liked your character concept for Apollo and Selene, especially.
    Unfortunately, the first boss battle is going to come really fast.

    He's gonna heal people by throwing his shoe at them? *laughs*
    Where is that in the world?

    Generally, normal field monsters would work. Goblins are everywhere, as well as giants/ogres, and monster-animals.
    It's only been four years, so Alvere could recognize him, but Lyonel wouldn't be sure if he knows him.
    Yeah, Zincspider's character is his son. This makes Lyonel's wife a human, and I really don't want him to have bastard children as that doesn't fit his character. So your character would be a sibling to Zircon.
    I listed my Bard's Songs under Magic, so the getas could go under Magic. And Flare's a Tier 5 spell no matter what form it comes in, so you shouldn't start out with that.
    Yo, just seeing how you were doing. You seem to be falling behind in a bunch of RPs so I just wanted to see how you were holding up.
    I made an update a while ago that had Keldeo watching Iris confront a few Plasma grunts. He didn't tell Xiang who she was, just that he was watching trouble. Taking advantage of the situation to see how you'd react, that's what it is.

    But, I'm also checking with people who haven't posted in around two weeks. Are you still interested in playing? Please get back to me by Monday, or I'll open Keldeo's slot back up.
    Ah... TvTropes, my only friend.
    Well... I had it set on how Ultimate Personas were unlocked... and I don't want to add in a character with 'psychic' powers... Sorry.
    You know, Gods Must Die is starting to get pretty intense, you should really think about re-joining.
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