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  • Hi. Can I add your FC? Here's mine: Cutty 2449 6004 1037
    My FS is fire type. Thx.
    no problem and you can vm me now since you added me :3 well its bed time for me it late night....
    i added you :3 also friend request sent i think we will get along since we love fairy pokemon :p
    I did. Due to extracurricular activities in my childhood and never having a good enough habit of watching television, I never kept up with the show at a moderate (or chronological, for that matter) pace. I was fortunate enough to receive many first season Pokémon VHS tapes from my family members (because everyone in my family immediately knows that Pokémon is one of the numerous ways to my heart), so I mainly watched the anime through those. I can tell you most of what happened during the first season of the anime, and I received Pokémon Red and Blue Versions for Christmas within my first or second year of having been introduced to Pokémon. Some of my fondest memories reside in those times, as I am sure they do for you.
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