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  • Hey finally read the new chapter, I've been sick this week and had 2 tests to do. Other than that I've been good since last time we talked, and even started talking to a pretty cool girl and went out with her a couple of times. Glad your finally back!
    Hey man, not sure if you'll get this in time but today (9/18) I'm going to be at my computer a lot doing homework (From now (6pm my time) till probably 8 or 9pm). Hit me up on skype!
    Well that's great news then, and I hadn't even realized it had been 8? months already. I could have sworn you posted a chapter in the spring but I guess I was thinking of last year or something... good thing I checked again.
    Dang I'm really sorry to hear that man. Take your time then I was just making sure you hadn't given up on it or something.
    Meh, I'm trying as hard as I always have. Like, I have always wanted my school years to be over, even as much as I love them, so nothing really changed. XD I'm going to school about four hours away, it's still in PA though. (Y)
    Finishing up these last couple months of school, and then I'll be focusing on working during the summer so I have money by the time college starts in August. I'm really excited for the summer and college and everything.
    I turn 21 on Wednesday so we'll see how that pans out. I'll just leave Skype up on my computer for the next week so just message me whenever and see if I'm around.
    Ohhh okay. I hardly know the band One Direction, I was just at Target last night and saw that they had a CD titled "Up All Night," and it reminded me of your usertitle.
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