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  • For the most part, any time due to not really being able to do anything atm. But for the sake of everything, night works better. Iirc I'm an hour behind you right?
    I'm assuming both of them go to uni with you? I consider myself lucky. My gf not only loves sports but is absolutely beautiful. :)
    No I haven't, like I feel fine outside of when I first wake up. It's just a mild cough and a slightly stuffy nose. However, I did just find out today that I get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. Oh joy, I hope they at least give me some pain meds. How are things going in the lady department for you?
    It's been good so far. I've gone to two Packer games alone this break, and Jen stayed for a week. The only down fall so far is that I've had a mild cold for the last 10 days or so. It sucks just because it's not terribly awful I'm not getting better and the cough is really annoying.
    No, no, I've just been super busy. And I think neither of us have been on skype in some time. How have you been?
    I'd be happy too, and I considered after checking out your post in the fanfic thread, but I have literally no time to even scratch my *** for the next two or three weeks. Besides planning for a good New Year's Eve for my gf and I, I still need to find time to study for my International Public Law course (Exam on the 3rd) my Development Economics test on the very next day, my Economics in International Relations chair on the 9th and my History of Diplomatics exam on the 10th.

    Soooo, sorry, but I kinda have my hands full <.<
    Hey, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can beta the chapter. I've been so uninterested in fan fiction lately, and I just can't get myself in the mood to read anything.
    I got it, but yeah I've just been worrying about other things for the moment. I'll dive into it later tonight probably.
    Uh, let me try to reread the last chapter and make sure I'm caught up, but yeah I'll probably be able to do that for you. I have a half day of school on Thursday and then my vacation starts, so it'll probably be closer to that time.

    I got accepted to the college that I really want to go to, actually. I went last month for a visit and they gave me my acceptance letter the same day. I'm getting ready for financial aid stuff next month. That'll be fun. XD
    Could you maybe give me a link to the thread for the first one? If I ever find time, I'll sit down and read it all or something.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it myself =3c
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