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  • Finally got done with Chapter Four, sorry it was a day later than planned. ><

    Nice job so far! Honestly, it's shaping up better than I expected. :3
    Yeah well, haha I'm not normally on Skype much. But thanks anyway! I'll PM you if I ever need help, or feel free to PM me if you ever want to just talk.
    Uhh, I looked into some. I still need to find time to visit though, even though I only have a couple that I'm interested in. The main one is actually in Florida, which I hope I'm able to go to, it's such a beautiful school.
    It's been an okay summer. Kind of in a weird/bad/slumpish feel at the moment, is all.
    Sorry I never got back to you about the beta thing, I was going to the beach for the weekend and was waiting until I got back to reply. ><
    I don't remember if I've already told you, but if I have I'll just repeat myself. I am reading your fic, and I am finding it awesome and much much better than TSIS, even though only two chapters are out. I am kinda closeted now cause with all the exams and stuff Ive been having, I barely have time for myself, much less reviewing. But I'm still here ;)
    If you must. ;P I must warn you that they haven't been edited in years and the writing is really, really sloppy probably. I actually haven't looked back at them in years for fear of me crying at how painfully bad they are.
    No, it's a separate story arc. It's sort of a spin-off to HLBMA in the sense that it uses the same personalities and pokemon but it's not related to HLBMA. =P A Fine Day in May is the third story; I have written two other ones that took place when the characters were younger which I'm not going to link you to because they're terrible, haha.
    Great, dudey dude (I actually don't normal call people dude, I was just being random :p), I can't wait. It's blatently not as good as yours, but I seem to remember that you are 18, and I am 14, so that's a mega age difference.
    Haha that's awesome. I figured you would like it eventually. People can not like the Pokémon, but until they play it it's totally different. I love Sewaddle, Dwebble, and Scraggy. :3

    Yeah. I was hanging out with my gf for our four month anniversary tonight, and tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at my grandmom's with my two cousins and sister, so if I find time then, I'll be sure to write one up. :)
    fffff I like your avatar. Sewaddle is one of my favorites this generation. Are you starting to like the Pokémon now? :p

    I'll review NF sometime soon, I'm not ignoring it, promise. :3
    Yo dude. You asked me to VM you a link to my fan fiction so thast you could have a read. It is blatently worse than yours, but oh well. Especially the first chapter, when I got several things wrong to start off with. I hear you are taking review requests too, which is good because I did have KissMyGrass reviewing, but he seems to have stopped no matter how many times I have reminded him. IanDonyer is reviewing through my earlier chapters, albeit slowly and only when reminded, but he is only on chapter 2 and KissMyGrass got up to chapter 4. And I have finished chapter 7, meaning that my last three chapters are in desperate need of reviewing. Especially as i have nearly finished chapter 8 too. So yesh, I could really do with an active reviewer who can review through my earlier episodes quickly to get to the later ones. I have tried Breezy too, but she says she is very busy, and I expect the same thing will happen with her as with IanDonyer. So, you're my only hope! Thanks.

    PS: I think Gen 5 rules personaly.
    PPS: Forgot the link, Doh! http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=482753
    Mhm, no problem. This is easy to read like TSIS was, but it is honestly better. I'll give you specifics when I email it back to you, but in general it is better.
    I was finishing up my last paper I had to write and took a break to read some, and got halfway through. In general, nice job so far, really. I actually didn't finish the paper until this morning, but I'll finish beta-ing in a bit, it shouldn't take me long.
    Yeah agreed, I ended up being on till 12:30 (GMT-6) but I was using my dorms wifi which decided it wanted to suck last night so we wouldn't have been able to talk anyway.
    It's no biggie. I was with the gf and studying anyway so it's not like I was like "OMG I have no life now!"
    To answer your question in the email, yeah, I can open it. Do you want the entire thing beta-ed through just in case (meaning the stuff before the actual chapter), or do you think it doesn't need it? I opened the file and saved it for now, because ironically this is week is the only one so far this year that's been hectic with schoolwork (a few papers, two projects, a quiz, a test, and a few other things >.>), so it will have to be put a bit farther down on my to-do list than I like. Is it okay if it's done by this weekend, or do you need it done soon?
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