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  • Hahaha yeah I understand what you mean. Mmm hope that goes well for you! :) yup, shopping centres are definitely not the place you want your characters to go. I sure will! I posted my premise on the NaNo forums earlier this year asking for feedback in preparation for me redrafting and rewriting and got heaps of cool ideas, yay. I'll tell you the general premise of the novel when I get the chance, if you want :)
    Niiiice! Yeah that seems like a good idea! And eh now that I think about it I think the 30th is a Friday as well so if you're still behind on the last day (you won't be, I'm sure) at least you have that night to catch up! No way! Hahaha my story last year dealt with people controlling the elements as well, hahaha. I didn't really like where it went unfortunately (I sort of didn't have a concrete plot or any ideas apart from the main premise, so the characters ended up chilling in a shopping centre for a while instead of going to the capital city like they're meant to, whoops) but I re-planned it earlier this year and want to rewrite it sometime. n_n Yeah enjoying it is the main thing, and hopefully while you're writing it the plot will take a good turn!
    Nice job, that's a good start. And yeah weekends are great for NaNo-ing. What are you writing about, if you mind me asking?
    Popping by to say thank you for the help. It's truly appreciated and that formatting made it easy to understand!

    If you are still willing to help, you're more than welcome to check out the Sinnoh Pokemon!
    Hoping to complete a Bachelor of Arts at one of the unis here. Not sure what I'd like to major in, though, but I'm leaning towards International Studies or something of the like. :)
    Yeah that would make it difficult :s It does sound nice! Aw, thanks! Definitely looking forward to the exams being over more than anything, hahaha. :)
    It works nicely as a username :) Yeah I can imagine it would be quite a change, especially if you've moved close to/on-campus, but at least you know someone there! Well technically school's over (graduation was yesterday), so now there's just exams to go and I'm free, hahaha.
    I think you made a good decision in changing your name, Walcott is such a nice name! :) How's college treating you, btw?
    Yeah it's going to be weird not being zhanton as well hahaha. Hmmmm idk I want to change my name, but at the same time I want to keep it hahaha. UGH DECISIONS.
    Yeah, it's finished bar some editing of earlier chapters I'll do sometime so you can change that status. I haven't yet move it to completed fics but will probably do so soon.

    And if you do read it I hope you enjoy it. =)
    OH NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo I wanted to be your 820th VM but I kept forgetting AND NOW IT IS TOO LATE IT WAS RIPPED RIGHT FROM UNDER ME. Pshhhh whatever 821 is where it's at I AM TAKING 821 FROM EVERYONE RIGHT NOW and there's nothing they can do about it HA the coveted 821st spot is MINE.
    WOAH HEY WHAT WHAT IS THIS aren't you that street I passed by the other day in town? Since when are you a Pokémon fan??? And also I don't ever recall agreeing to be your friend you can't just go around forcing every innocent passerby to be your friend friendship just doesn't work that way okay GOSH. (N)

    BUT SERIOUSLY OMG YOUR NAME FINALLY CHANGED I have been checking back every so often waiting for this moment AND IT IS FINALLY HERE. <3 Brad: Now wayyyyyy more better. (Y)
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