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  • Where's the Bishie Pokemon thread? I thought the entire thing was in Alt. Anime, but now it's just people, not the Pokemon themselves. So....explain plz?

    And yes, Bidoof IS pure awesomeness.
    BTW, I thought I'd just let you know (because I'm so kind) that the Bishie list was renewed, meaning Aipom isn't your bishie anymore. You can't claim it again, as it is a pokemon (new rule) and you could only claim it in the Pokemon Claiming Thread, except its been taken by someone.
    I just thought I'd tell you before someone complains of it being in your sig. I hope you appreciate me telling you.
    Okay, I'll read your fic when you're off the hiatus! I dunno, I just like reviewing when someone's just updated like real recent because of this certain vibe feeling. I love the feeling of posting a chapter and then not long after, reviews! It's kinda weird, but the reviews that come in faster kinda give me more of a buzz. Now I must be on crack. Am I even making sense?

    Ooh, I noticed that you posted a shipping fic. If you'd like, I'll get to read it. I noticed it was Volkner x Candice and I love that shipping! XD Heh, feel free to check out my fics or not. Whatever. Like you, I guess I don't mind if you do or don't. XD

    I'm sure your shipping fic is great!
    Hey, BA. Just want to let you know you posted info on PokemonBreederJack's fanfic in that Fanfic Awards Suggestion thread (which is probably due to you posting in the wrong section). ^^ Just a heads up!
    Hey Mel. Fan Fiction is awesome, but you don't have to read mine. Actually, it's on a hiatus right now because I won't be able to work on it.

    I am going to be taking my chances at Shipping though, so if you'd like to read that when I post it I could send you the link.
    And so Mel invades your profile! XD That Aipom icon there is cute as. XD How are you? And ooh, you write fanfiction. So do I! XD Sometime I'll check out your fic if you like.
    Well, was just nosing around your fic on the first page, and notcied you used an underscoere ( _ ) in my username. THERE'S NO UNDERSCORE =P

    That is all.
    Yo homey! Just telling that the super smash bros brawl club never got re-open. They closed it without a reason. So you should probarly remiove it from the list :\

    BTW. Im just telling you that you should answer comments on this page by go to theyre profiles to answer (or go to "view convosation") because people can forget about going back here all the time to see if you commented and stuff :\
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