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  • Alright, take your time. The firstfew chapters are horrible, but who's aren't! I think the one that's almost finished is the best yet.
    I'm great, thanks. I just got back from a Phillies game, and I went with my best friend. It was really fun. I actually got TONS of work caught up with my Fic and will be posting the next chapter tomorrow hopefully. If you read my Fic, feel free to post!
    Ah, this conversation will probably end up there as well.

    I do have my own fic, but progress is slow on it. The link is in my siggy if you want to take a look, though. So, aside from the author's life, what are your hobbies?
    Thank you so much for the comments about my Fic. If you have one I'll try to read it, I'm sure it's very good as well.

    And yeah, don't feel sorry. I know shist (that's actually a type of rock - I think) happens, but I'm glad this did. And I got her to write a whole entry just about me in her LJ!!
    Ah, sorry to hear that. But, **** happens. ^_^

    I've started reading your fic...I find it very good; the fact it's based in Johto makes it even better. Not alot of good Johto fics.
    I thought you were Silawens's friend though?
    Exactly.... I was her friend. After she spoke about me behind my back, I was p!ssed. I let her have it and now we're like best enimies ^_^
    I'd have accepted you, BA. MM says only good things about ya, and any friend of MM is a friend of mine.

    I thought you were Silawens's friend though?
    Hey fellow Serebii Member that Silawen absolutly hates! I'm fine, thanks. I was actually gonna request to be your friend, but wasn't sure you'd accept....
    You met Irin in real life? or are you talking about on here?

    I only know who Irin is becaue I know she got banned... is it permanant?
    Ha, well nothing lost there. Be careful what you say, this will show up in her live journal.

    Oh, ever here of that ***** Irin? Well I met her....
    @Sarahpom83: No problem, it was Mother's Day and you're a mother!

    @Aipom Star: Yeah I got Aipom, cause I'm the biggest Aipom fan eva!
    Aw man! You've got Aipom as your bishie.... I probably like her more than you.... (lol there's no proving that though!) (And yes, you don't know me).
    Thanks for the "late Mothers Day" comment. your the 2nd one that said that. its alright that no one else remember
    I'm great Sarahpom, thanks for asking. I'm fine if you don't want to join my Club. Congrats on you Club though!
    hey how are you doing? I haven't talk to you in a while since now you created a different club and I don't really want to be in it and I created the Monkey Club instead and I've got people joining it.
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