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  • Braaaaad I LOVE YOUR SIGNATURE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Teach me how to make things beautiful like you do. (Y)
    Ughhh where am I supposed to stalk you now that Solstice is gone? D: Will I have to do it the old fashioned way and stand around outside your house with my binoculars?
    Oooooooooooops I didn't see this until now. XD Haha SORRY. AND ALSO I FORGOT ABOUT YOUR SIMS CLUB GAH. saerlkgtjaelkeja I will go check it out after work or something probably. ;D

    Yeah, it wasn't a bad day... I had a lot of homework, but eh. My friends were wonderful to me today (including you, so thank you!).
    Oh wow. That's, well, really really surprising :x
    Thanks for keeping me posted, though, I really appreciate it :] Best of luck with getting everything back and organising the forums again. If there's any way I can help don't hesitate to ask. (I doubt there's any way I can help, though, just being courteous is all).
    Hahaha I used to have another friend but apparently he deleted me BECAUSE I'M TOO GOOD OF A FRIEND FOR HIM TO HANDLE. ;P
    GOOD IDEA only members of the Beautiful Faces Society can handle the amount of hardcore that radiates from my body. (Y)
    I'm in love with that thing already, lmao. Thanks, I appreciate the fact that there's no pressure. But just out of curiosity, when are you planning on posting it?
    Honestly, it's been a while, so I can't say I even remember the last chapter very well... Lol, sorry... Yeah, this one's quite interesting! I am definitely not bored betaing it. I got my new laptop today, so I'll be able to read it and beta it soon (when I get Office and stuff). For now, I'll try my best to beta it on my desktop, but today's been busy and I have a lot of other things (AP work), so it's low on the priority list. It'll get done, though! I enjoy reading your work.

    Sorry it's ranty, but I'm also getting used to the keyboard on this thing. xD
    Yes, sir, lol. I read it almost in its entirety (I'm a fan before an editor, you know) and I betaed maybe a quarter of it last night. It's 38 pages on my Word program:p
    Ah, didn't know. Sorry. I can read it on my iPod, but I can't make any corrections (which defeats the purpose of editing, lmao). Thanks, man!
    Yo. You should check your email. My Word program can't open the beta chap. ¿Send it again as an actual email, por favor?
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