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  • Hey,so you're the kind of person who will give me an honest answer about this.

    They want me to be part of the neighborhood watch at my Condo. Should I do it, but whenever I'm on shift walk around in a Batman costume?

    -_- Really? You're going THERE? REALLY?

    And whether or not you like MLP is irrelevant. Your attitude is what annoys me.
    Whether it's "classic" or not is quite frankly irrelevant in this regard. In addition to gender demographic.
    And I'd believe old men that are obsessed with colorful ponies must definitely have some type of issue.
    Says the Pokemon fan. You know, because Pokemon's for kids so why should anyone older than ten like it?

    I'm not mad. I'm just pointing that out for your narrow-mindedness. It might not have the gender thing but the age is a factor.
    Beauty lines with in the eyes of the one who is looking, and in my eyes you are.

    Tripple murder case or something?

    I'm good thanks, found I should be taking over the Utah branch of the store I work at in a few years.

    really? lol

    i just watched the lat dp anime episode so i got to hear their voices for the first time.

    To me, kissing, flirting, ANY form of sex, oral, intercourse, touching sexually are all forms of cheating. Some people may not define those as cheating, but all those things will lead to sex eventually (and if it doesn't, you know you're having a thought of sex when you flirt with someone. People can't lie on that.)
    I totally agree with that! I sometimes get the idea that I'm the only one who thinks this, I'm glad I'm not.
    Depending on the case sometimes I can be immature about it. Like the guy in the building across from me flipped out when I put up an Obama sign and demanded I take it down so I put up a couple more.

    I've had mixed stuff before, but nothing like that. That's what you need to know where you're getting it from and make sure you can trust the person. Wish we kept in contact I could of text you though that if we traded numbers by then.

    Have you ever played Mario Kart Rainbow Road while stoned?

    That's what it used to be like with my FB. My sister would call my mom and yell about what I was posting on there and saying how I'm exposing my cousin to it, although she;s three years older then me and didn't even notice or care.

    I've quit to at least for a while. I might go back, but since I started to do it like every day it started to get to were I was spending money to less less of a feeling from drinking a beer, and I the kind of guy who can drink a whole thing of fireball whiskey, bunch of shots and beers and still be standing. Btw, always thought you'd be fun to get high with and play old 64 games.

    That's how I treat stuff. I mean it's one thing if you're posting porn or personal attacks, but in other cases if you don't like what someone says skip over it. I mean we've all grown up in the age of Jay on here and know how it works.

    So if I may ask, I know you smoke the green, but how you worded it, have you also done coke?

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