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  • The completely obvious debate that we were definitely having ofc.

    When you try to change the topic completely and fail to do so you know you need to change something.

    Oh awesome. It's coming so much quicker than I thought, and I have no idea what to get for my gf, who just said "surprise me ^____________^". And not much either really. Putting off some work which I know won't get done anyway.

    Edit again:

    10 years from now, you will be talking about Thanksgiving again.
    I love you. Too soon?
    I really have no idea lol. "not only will neither of us get infracted for trolling each other, but I'll also win this debate." Amusing.

    Also, since we're already talking, 'sup?


    and of course you'd change the topic to Thanksgiving.
    So if you love the pictures and one of them is of me, that must mean you love me. Also I've never played the L4D series, but we all make mistakes like that at times. Also no need to thank me, but your welcome

    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    No I didn't touch it. I thought I heard something about you saying don't open any messages from you so wanted to check.

    Here are some images from my computer to help you feel better about the e-mails getting sent out.

    Baby David
    Something Adam made after we talked about the A-Team movie

    The E-mail I got to my hotmail account from you is something that shouldn't be opened right?

    wow, isnt there some medecin for it?

    btw, isnt that a pic of you you used for that miss fifties?
    Oh, thats really annoying, im allergic to grass, but thats only during spring and summer, but i'm fine.

    I think it looks scary in a cool way, old stuff is always fun :D
    Ah Connecticut, sounds cool; sorry I have not so much practice of these abbreviations.
    What are you doing?
    XD However you have to know, your "profile picture" scared me the first time I look up in your profile XD
    Where are you from?
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