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  • i just say misc in general really.

    also mewtwo master is gone forever.

    hm i'm talking to a mod on msn who could ban you again for lagging.
    you're a problem child and need a time out.

    but oh well glad you're back. x)

    are you enjoying the nolag? (except for the lag earlier lol)
    Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    One thing about the older characters being gone is discussions about them, of course, died too. There's nothing new to discuss about old characters, and so people stop discussing them entirely.

    Sadly, DP's pacing turned a lot of people off. I know there were a lot of people here who watched DP regularly at the beginning, but then in the middle they kinda phased out of it. I guess that's what happens when 1 arc is stretched over 4 years.

    While I'm probably not going to follow Best Wishes regularly, I do think it was an enjoyable ride.
    Eh, makes some money I guess. I know, it's annoying, you just can't really think of anything else...

    Trolls that aren't really trolld trolling trolls huh.
    Lol, I meant where do you work? Yeah, I get that feeling occasionally, but not too much. I smoke most days but I'm not really that addicted yet, although I'm not clean enough to resist going to hide somewhere between lessons and having one on occasion. x)

    But the sad ones are fun for you to troll as well. (y)

    The Pokemon fandom as a whole, (not just there, here too), isn't as interesting as it used to be, so I suppose nowadays it doesn't really matter.

    I had hoped that I would get to see the ending of the anime one day, but nowadays it doesn't look like that will ever be happening. Some of us will be in our 30's if it ever does end.
    Haha, every 30 minutes still seems like a hell of a lot to me. With school and all that, I'd hate it if I ever needed that since all of my lessons are like, an hour. What do you do anyway? Not worried, it's just that people always give me odd looks and make judgements and stuff when I tell them. :x

    But then, if that's true then SPPf has an awful lot of trolls. Which I guess is also true in some sections, lol.
    Haha, work making it hard to quit? Why's that? I actually started a few years ago too. That wouldn't sound too bad until you find out that I'm only 16 now. :p

    Well, idk. Trolls try to annoy people ultimately, and that's what he does.
    Yeah, that's all true, but higher risk ≠ will anyway. And it all depends on when you started and if you want to quit ofc. Out of interest, when did you start?

    Sometimes I wonder if he is one himself lol.
    Yeah, that happens too. Although I like to pretend that it doesn't. ;-;

    Well, it's funny for me but not for you. Unless you find being banned funny, lol. Oh, I wasn't saying you were trolling, I was just speaking in general. And it's not like smoking will kill you anyway.
    inb4 firebombed

    Exactly. They'll say 'thanks' but in their heads they're all like "YOU DON'T KNOW ME ;_______;".

    It's funny until it says Kit Kat. Tbh I think no matter how hard you troll him, he will always be the one that ends up getting infracted.
    he guna pop a cap in my ass.

    Yeah, exactly. I hate it when you're trying to buy for someone important though, and they think that you didn't put any effort into just giving them money. Christmas is so stressful. D:

    It was brilliant.

    "The Mewtwo Master". Hahahahaha.
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