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  • hey ive got an adamant scyther im sure the iv's are close to being perfect and if we could do a lvl 100 wifi battle i could check for sure, looking for shinys
    nevermind the weavile but I got a shiny ditto if u want that instead of weavile cuz some1 already traded me for it. 10 aniv ut timid latias and a shiny ditto for shiny raikou and shiny entei. Good?
    Oh right, sorry about that.
    And sorry it takes so long for me to respond since the site won't load up for me.
    Yeah, here's my shiny list:


    ANY level 1 UT breedable shiny of any nature with any egg moves
    UT Lvl. 50 Heatran - Serious
    Lvl. 100 Moltres - Timid
    UT Lvl. 30 Deoxys - Relaxed
    Lvl. 100 Deoxys - Calm
    Lvl. 100 Deoxys - Sassy
    Lvl. 100 Deoxys - Bashful
    Lvl. 100 Deoxys - Quiet
    Lvl. 100 Deoxys - Hasty
    Lvl. 100 Mewtwo - Bold
    Lvl. 100 Mewtwo - Relaxed
    T Lvl. 73 Rayquaza - Timid (Inactive PKRS)
    Lvl. 100 Lugia - Bold
    T Lvl. 50 Latias - Careful
    Lvl. 100 Latias - Bashful
    BT Lvl. 40 Latios - Modest
    UT Lvl. 30 Registeel - Relaxed
    UT Lvl. 30 Registeel - Naughty
    UT Lvl. 50 Darkrai - Timid
    BT Lvl. 50 Darkrai - Lax
    BT Lvl. 70 Ho-Oh - Calm
    UT Lvl. 70 Giratina - Bold
    UT Lvl. 70 Giratina - Docile
    Lvl. 30 Mew - Mild
    Lvl. 30 Mew - Naughty
    UT Lvl. 50 Cresselia - Bashful
    UT Lvl. 30 Regice - Jolly
    UT Lvl. 40 Regice - Serious
    UT Lvl. 50 Uxie - Calm
    UT Lvl. 50 Azelf - Modest
    UT Lvl. 50 Mesprit - Lonely
    UT Lvl. 32 Gyarados - Lax (From HG/SS)
    Lvl. 100 Palkia - Impish
    Lvl. 100 Dialga - Mild
    T Lvl. 90 Kyogre - Modest
    UT Lvl. 45 Groudon - Relaxed
    UT Lvl. 30 Shaymin - Mild (Nicknamed Lizzy)
    T Lvl. 23 Pokemon Ranger Manaphy - Quiet
    T Lvl. 20 Pokemon Ranger Manaphy - Mild
    UT Lvl. 40 Suicune - Bold (Distant Land)
    EV'd Lvl. 50 Suicune - Bold (Distant Land)
    T (Only been through Daycare) Lvl. 15 Skitty - Adamant 6/31/31/23/14/9
    Sorry, it takes forever for me to get into this site. Guess I missed you again.

    No, I don't have any other flawless pokemon besides my Ditto.
    Just got a nice shiny male Koffing bred. Here are its stats:

    Koffing - #109 (Bold)
    HP: 20 - 23
    Att: 22
    Def: 31
    SpA: 30 - 31
    SpD: 2
    Speed: 4

    The following Hidden Power Types are possible:
    Bug, Fighting, Flying, Rock

    Its moveset is:

    Pain Split

    Was also wondering if you still had your Arceus.
    Welcome to the shiny lovers group, i hope you enjoy the group. I recommend you have a look at the gym leaders/elite four discussion. If you decide you do want to be a gym leader or elite four member then pm me saying which one and if you're ready to except challenges.

    Also my gym is ready to except challenges if you want to challenge me
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