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  • Hey, just so ya know, if you're interested in remaining a co-owner of the Digimon Club 5.0, I'm gonna need you to start being more active again. That means posting at least twice a week (unless it is impossible to do so).
    Yes they do.

    I love songs in other languages! <3 I love singing along to them to, even though I don't understand.
    The Russian versions of All The Things She Said (Ya Soshla S Uma) and Not Gonna Get Us (Nas Ne Dagoniat) are a lot better than the English versions, even if you don't understand. <3
    lol yes they are haha im not on the4 tight jeans i justwear what i want and have my haier how i want and i love to be friend with everyone so i like to stay away from them o yes i agree lol
    Ah okay. I'm 17.

    I tried to find it somewhere on your page, but I couldn't find it. lol Mine should be on my page too. ...Do I really need to answer that last question there. =P

    Ugh...I'm...really...tired... Must get to sleep. Don't now what time it'd be where you are, but goodnight!
    Yup. How about you? We can exchange emails. :9
    Haha! Thanks for mentioning it. I'm sure our country is very proud, considering most of the celebrities are from the US. xD
    Oh, I see. I'm like that sometimes too. Maybe we should make a collab someday. Then none of us would be able to slack off. Much. xD
    Haha! wow, what a coincidence. owo
    Haha! It's pretty funny. xD Do you make comics often?
    Thank you very much! I didn't really expect to win though. There are some others that look really nice.
    It's okay. I know it's a team help forum, but when you think about it, there's hardly anything to rate when you're just that early in the game.
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