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  • Didn't really "die" to me. To each his own, I guess lol.

    But I will agree that Nick is reality show rubbish. N>more classic cartoons.
    Well, it's a movie after all; so the material has to be adjusted a bit to not make it a complete bore-fest for older attendees. :]
    I know right...

    I didn't find the movie to be terrible, but it did seem to have signs of fading somehow. I wouldn't be surprised if you did that, though; don't blame you.
    Me too. All of my favorites are gone; feels...strange. The "Boomerang" in my country seems to be in error. It's a channel filled with Spanish shows - not trying to be racist. >.>

    Same, seasons 1-4 were perhaps the best ones for me. But as Nickelodeon changed, so did my view times. Eventually I just forgot about it and didn't catch up to further seasons of Spongebob...
    Cartoon Networked took my childhood and soiled it. In an instant. It is nothing like it's former self. All of those Toonami shows, all of the DBZ (WHY???) Gundam, random anime. No longer exist. Adult Swim is the epitome of failure when it comes to comedy. This is BAD comedy, producers.

    Oh, I see. Well. I'll check it out then. As I remember the older episodes from heart. It's unfortunate Nickelodeon is slowly going the way of Cartoon Network as well...sigh nothing's the same anymore, I guess that's why I quit TV.
    Wait...shows that have nothing to do with animals on "Animal Planet". Television officially sucks, lol.

    Oh, even Spongebob is bad now? Weird, I was actually reconsidering watching some of the episodes now.
    Well, I don't. Besides the occasional Mythbusters, Man vs Wild and other Discovery Channel programs - not so much else.

    Family guy died after the seasons became pretentious and the jokes well...unfunny.
    I stopped watching that show ages ago, lol. Actually, I barely even watch TV to begin with.
    The only way to improve is to battle people often. Well, PO is a good simulator and helps those without wi-fi. You should check it out.
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