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Last Activity:
Aug 28, 2019
Jan 11, 2008
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Another round?, from Elsewhere...

Manix was last seen:
Aug 28, 2019
    1. Tadashi
      Yup, boosted by Blaze. Never fails X3
    2. Tadashi
      Haha, Metronome is such a risky attack though. I remember training Togepi in Crystal, and the first time I used Metronome, I blew up XD I'm like "hmm, bad omen." But yeah, I hated Fantina. Her Mismagius killed 5 of my Pokémon. The only one left standing was Monferno and he won with his health in the red X3
    3. Tadashi
      Yay! It is better. I like the little enhancements here and there, like the extra rival battles ^^

      Haha, don't grind Espeon, then? Grind something else. Damn Fantina was hard to defeat >_>
    4. Tadashi
      Thanx ^^

      Woah, haha. Well if you need any breedables, you know where to find me ;3 How do you like it so far?
    5. Tadashi
      Yeah, I know how you feel. Life really sucks hard sometimes. I had that sort of time a few weeks ago, but now life's better. There's ups and downs, I suppose. I've been EV training some Pokémon... all I have so far is Aerodactyl and Shaymin. I'm hatching Horsea hoping for a shiny, but if I get some with nice IV's I'll probably train them ^^
    6. Tadashi
      Hey, oh my god. It's been forever, huh? How the hell are ya?!
    7. Wiimote
      That's good.

      Yeah, we should. Make sure you don't look bad on Youtube, though. :3
    8. Wiimote
      Fine, fine, thanks. You?
    9. Wiimote
      Hello, Manix.
    10. .:Faithless:.
      It has been too long :D

      I've been pretty good :) Lol Mario Kart is my new hobby now- it doesn't lag like Brawl does xD

      I just realised- my birthday is one week after yours. xD

      So how about you X]
    11. Yonowaru in Chaos
      Yonowaru in Chaos
      And to change your month-old avatar+user title combo to indicate your reactivated status.

      Well? Chop chop!
    12. Yonowaru in Chaos
      Yonowaru in Chaos
      I demand you to post more >:]
    13. Wiimote
      Hello, Manix. I rarely see you anymore. :/

      How've you been?
    14. Wiimote
      Aaagh, long time no talk. >.<
    15. Wiimote
      Previously on My Vault Data Hates Manix...

      "Shall we Brawl some time, to try to resolve the problem?"

      Should we Brawl again tomorrow? I just got back from Brawling with starfire_jirachi and two of her friends, so I can't tonight. :/
    16. Wiimote
      You have continuous vacations throughout the year, don'tcha?

      We Americans have 180 continuous days (with Saturdays, Sundays, and special days/holidays off :/) and then June, July, and August off. >_>
    17. Wiimote
      Well, it's a little too late now, but maybe tomorrow?

      I have four more days of school until Christmas vacation. I have from Dec. 23- Jan. 5 off, though, so....
    18. Wiimote
      My, my, you're on.

      If you're not at school, maybe we should Brawl one time, because you aren't showing up properly on my friend list. That may be causing the, "Let's not allow Wiimote to send Manix his replays and et cetera!" problem.
    19. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      ...well...truthfully, not that good. You need to collect more seeds especially. Those are what saved me.
    20. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      Well, good luck to you. I was a Squirtle and my partner was a Turtwig. It wasn't easy to make it, but we made it. btw how's your items in your sack? Those are what helped me win.
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