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  • I can breed a Chikorita for you :3. Male or Female? I'm interested in your Spiritomb in return; would that be ok?
    I don't think Monster is on there, since it does extend to a mature rating at times, but I don't know. I only went on AnimeFreak to watch Higurashi, and that got annoying to deal with "YOU WATCHED 75 MINUTES WORTH OF FREE VIDEOS HURR DURR", and only because I didn't want to sign up.

    YouTube's the way to go.
    It's Monster both in English and Japanese (and I think other languages). You can watch it on Hulu (though you need an account) or on YouTube (without an account).
    Hey Kutie Pie? What other animes do you watch? I've never watched Clannad but it looks really good. Right now the only one I'm keeping up with is Mirai Nikki.
    Clannad's a really good anime, you should watch it when you get the chance. I'm also currently watching Monster. It's really interesting.
    Hikari you are flaming and spreading hate, I am going to report you, enjoy your ban.

    Everybody should form their own opinions of a person and not base it on other people's perceptions. So please, keep your hate to yourself, and try not to spread it, especially to new members who are unaware of my legacy. Thanks.
    Yeah. You should erase those posts so you don't get banned. Just click the edit button, Go advanced and it should let you erase the post or something.
    LOL, me too! Some people ACTUALLY say its a female...

    You've got a few screws loose baby. But I bet you're wild in the sack.
    sweet. Don't listen to him.
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