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  • Incredible. I'm having an incredible year.

    But seriously, I haven't seen you around for a long while. How've things been on your end?
    Oh, hey-o! I wasn't done when you left that message, but I am now. I think they went pretty well, should have maintained my A's or B's in all my classes except probably OChem. Still won't have my final grades back for another couple of days, though. How about you? Everything went swimmingly, I presume?
    I kinda remember you, the name is definitely familiar. Not much is up, Im very inactive now a days.
    Damn, why didn't I ever think of calling Profesco "slugger"? This sucks.

    There's no harm in partying it up in college, so long as you don't forget what colleges were made for, hundreds of years ago. Yes, there will definitely be an academic shift; even though I go to a pretty bad school, it still surprises me how smart many of my classmates are, so I'm sure OSU will be even better that way. Don't expect it from everyone you meet, though, or you'll probably be disappointed, hah.

    Sheesh, I didn't even know how colleges worked until I was a year in, and you've already planned a double-major and minor. Are you sure about becoming more opinionated, though? I suppose it depends on what sort of writing you want to do, but it seems to me that objectivity key, at least as far as researching for your writing goes. I mean, if I had to do a report on something, I'd rather go in not knowing what I was going to write, as it were. I'll commend you on going outside of your comfort zone, since it's not something I've ever even considered doing. And "nah" is as good a response as any to those fields.

    Hah, I've always wanted to pursue careers like those, but they didn't seem... I don't know, achievable? Probably because I couldn't plan crap out like you can. Are you planning on going into journalism first and trying to work your way into screenwriting from there, or something? Because that sounds like something that could work, unless you can go straight into screenwriting, somehow. And I've heard from people who've done it that stand-up is a great and fun experience. One that isn't really viable as a career unless you're lucky, but fun nevertheless. Which makes it even better that you can do it in college.

    Being famous isn't too much to ask for. Well, not unless you want to write for TV. Whoops.

    And no, I've had to split up messages many a time. The limit used to be 1000 characters, even, so it could have been much worse (I think I've had to go to eight or so messages before).
    Platonic? Damn.

    Well, it's a fine (and totally true) compliment you pay, sir. Be sure to pass it on to Profesco, too. Good thing discussion about the academic aspect of college is piquing your interest, because that is not what is on most incoming freshmens' minds. Do you have a major yet? Preferably a good one like biology or chemistry or English?

    And I must be slipping, since I didn't notice your typos.
    Oh? Why do you say that, out of curiosity?

    (I'm also curious as to whether you're reading our recent stuff or from way back when.)
    "If you don't like the weather in the Midwest, just wait an hour!" Ohio has crazy, bipolar weather. Haha.
    lmao, as does wisconsin. like this past entire two weeks? did the midwest really just go through weeks of obscene amounts of humidity for it to dip into the upper 50's and get windy as ****? like, seriously? come on.
    Hey dude, I remember you posting a really long time ago. Your username always made me crack up.
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