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  • Meh

    Yea, I can guess some people call it obsession, it's not at all, really. People can relate to characters, as they seem to embody things not possible in humans. Hell some characters are actually better executed and are more realistic than a human being. Yea, it's a nice little escape. I guess it can just get of a little torment right now.
    Suickness/Allergies make me act irrational

    N, oh man N. I can just relate to him, I feel like he is a part of me, even if he doesn't exist. Hell, people say I've had a good life, and I don't blame them. However, it's not as black and white as it seems. I can feel his emotions, if I didn't have worryworts as parents I would have cried at the end of White, for him. He might just be a folder of data, but he's not. He has grown, and touched the lives of so many people in life. Natural, is most likely the best executed character ever in a Nintendo franchise, hands down. He has all sorts of different qualities about him that make people attracted to him. Most peopel feel pity or sympathy for him, but I'm different, I feel empathy for him. As I've suffered as much as he has, even if I don't show it. I love him, and if he existed I would never let him go.
    Yea, the story is different, but not better. Manna, finish 2 before you finish 3, if you're playing both at the same time you can compare. Lol yes Grima saying that was awesome.

    Te last battle wasn't really that remember-able for me, sorry.
    It fits well with my usertitle, as I'd imagine James would be the one out of the duo to most likely become a signer.

    Damn you! Well, please just listen on "Don't say her name!!!" on repeat for me please! Chapter Ten in Fire Emblem awakening has to have some of my favorite music ever from this series! Yea, there's some really good music there. Though, for me the series with the best music is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Two is the best by far, I've played through 3's demo and I dislike it. All that hooks you in is a Munna being chased by a Hydreigon. At least 2's opening was mysterious.
    I don't know in all honesty. Life just seems boring and useless to me, I've been feeling like this since around last summer?

    I guess all of my stress and being picked on turned into depression instead of hatred.
    Wait, what? Currently depressed...

    Same here. I mean, N is really getting shafted and we can't understand him. At least he did get an anime role
    That is all that he wants to do. I wouldn't mind helping him as well, to show him all of the possible sides. He's the only video game character I wish was real...
    Same here, I use to love opening up packs and keeping them.

    o-o Are we going to ever find a difference?
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