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  • Great, thanks for the photo. We can do the trade then. Btw the 4 Pokemon of mine are on 2 of my cartridges, so I need to switch the carts at one time.
    (I can't write you a PM somehow, bad internet connection >_<)
    i would like to exchange friendcodes with you because i saw your post theat mentioned you toxicroak filled friendsafari
    Okay but your signature says otherwise so you should fix it, tough finding the last of the legends I need, only need 10 more to 0_0
    Hi I saw a post you made recently and was wondering if you still have any non kalos legendaries just for dex entry purposes, if so I can offer Terrakion for dex entry, not sure what else I can offer besides balm mushrooms
    The rule you mentioned is for Leaders only. Counter is an typing that counters your gym type.
    Say you are an poison gym, and your opponent has 3 ground types, 2 steel types and one 1 flying.
    Steel holds immunity to poison so it's also considerd as an counter. This makes the number of counter pokemons at 5.
    So the leader has the right to decline the match due overly disadvantage.
    My FC: 0748-2868-3697
    I looking for Normal Ditto Please
    Poison for Drapion and Toxicroak
    Please add me and pm me if u have added me.
    Thanks. Repost.

    My Friend safari type = Ground type
    Sansdstew, Gastrodon and Nincada
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