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  • xD, that was pure chance, I was thinking I could hurt something then sticky web, which worked xD. Was not expecting electivire to be outspeed and to survive a close combat xD
    Hm.. seems our schedules aren't overlapping. :/
    I'm sure we'll have our epic battle, sooner or later, trusted fellow-E3. :3
    I was hoping to do it today, although planning for work got me caught up. :) I will be available Thursday evening though, and the weekend too! :)
    thanks marashu for understanding I should open up probably tommorow like I said in the league. I am a random fairy leader when I open lol I really don't have specific times like most people lol I know for sure I have to open up at least another day this week though.
    yeah I know what I said I haven't edited my post yet I am doing some art for my art shop atm once I get done Ill open up for a bit just not yet. I have to open up for a few other leagues as well as promised.
    Hey man can I challenge the triples frontier on ps I would challenge the dark gym but I'm rebreeding a couple of members
    Hey my team is ready. I just changed two see if it works. C ya online?
    No Blastoise the last. But w/ever. I dont have to face Drew again right if I changed the whole team?

    I'll vm you back when the team is ready.
    Did the Ludicolo kill Amonguss first. I didnt save the vid too bad.
    Well anyway I wanna challenge your Dark gym too but I have to put a team together first.
    I will change 2 mons since I lost the last time n Mawile was banned.
    Its allowed right? I havent challenged E3 in ages.
    Wow, your hail strategy left me speechless. I misclicked Meteor mash w/ Zen headbutt so I couldnt kill your Abo the first time. But dont think I'd win. Also why your mons didnt fail for Amonguus rage powder?
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